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Love, Peace, Light, Energy and Bliss.

May 7, 2013

Who will provide these one to all
I Say It is not They, You and Us
But Me , Myself and I
I will have to start to Love one and all Living Organism
I have to start creating peace by my actions, deeds and speech.

I will have to shed light by becoming my own Self Light House,
I will have to release the Energy which I acquired from Eternity
If Me, Myself and I are blessed then I can regenerate the fountain of bliss.
So Let me myself become the Source to transmit Love, Peace, Light, Bliss and Energy

For that I have to Transform myself immediately as Instant
Sublimation of my thought, actions and deeds
which is most essential at this hour for Universal brotherhood.
What is happening around the Globe Makes me ashamed to live
among those criminals, rapists, drug-human trafficking.

What to say more ,all which is termed Evils must be shunned
So As I and myself be Virtuous First of all.

In this way each personal Self Development can make
Our Planet Earth the most beautiful, adorable ,Lovely place to Live in.

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