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Mandeep Singh Khurpa – Commendable Attire Artist

April 2, 2014

Mandeep Singh Khurpa is a Melbourne based artist of commendable attire. He is a Poet, Songwriter, Composer, Musician & Vocalist and at the same time, a Music Video Producer, Director & Editor as well.

His first single, “Great Punjabi People” was about presenting all the credible and substantial Punjabi personalities on a slide show on Youtube. He managed the whole project by himself, from songwriting, composing, playing instruments, recording, mixing, researching the profiles for the video, formatting/editing of the video and on and on. He received appreciation emails from around the world and also asking other people to include their profiles in the second version as well.

His second single, “Joban Rutte Marna” was a tribute to the darling poet of Punjab, Shiv Kumar Batalvi. He proclaims Shiv to be his favorite poet and wanted to give a unique tribute by composing his immortal poem “Joban Rutte Marna” in the folk style. He celebrates Shiv’s ‘biraha’ concept by dancing (doing bhangra) at the Flinders Street Station of Melbourne.

He has composed the poem in an very unorthodox way, showing his creative artistic talent and making it a celebration for the legend of Shiv Kumar Batalvi. Apart for giving vocals to the song, he has entirely planned, produced, shot and editing the music video by himself. It seems like he has tried to create a fusion in his appearance by combining his westernized look, with wearing a classical jewel of “Kaintha” and singing/dancing with “Chimta”.

Please, Like his official Facebook page for his intellectual poetry and other trivia.

He has his own studios at Melbourne and looks forward to provide his services to fellow and aspiring artists.

E-mail – khurpastudios@gmail.com
Mob – +61 423 455 013

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