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MasterChef Australia should not display India’s national Flag disrespectfully!

July 23, 2014
Contributor - Dr Yadu Singh

Dr Yadu Singh will be writing for View Point column of DesiAustralia.com
Dr Singh is a cardiologist and a Physician or Internal Medicine specialist with MD.

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I was called by Ms Sandhya Reddy (INDAUS committee member) who was quite concerned about the upside down display of Indian Flag during broadcast of MasterChef show. Mr Shravan Reddy too sent me a Tweet with the screen shot of the offending display yesterday.

We know that the upside down display of Indian Flag or national Flag of any country is a disrespectful act.

I called Channel 10 yesterday itself and then sent an email to them as well as MasterChef Australia, asking them to remove the disrespectful display of India’s national Flag.

I also sent tweets to Channel Ten and MasterChef Australia. MasterChef Australia is a Logie-award winning popular cooking Game Show, based on original British MasterChef show.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MasterChef_Australia


“Yadu Singh‏@dryadusingh 22h

@masterchefau Guys, U are using Indian Flag upside down, which is disrespectful. Pl correct it ASAP. Right pic here.”

“Yadu Singh‏@dryadusingh 23h

@channelten #masterchefaustralia is using Indian Flag upside down. Please correct this disrespectful display ASAP.”

I followed this by calling Channel Ten, MasterChef Australia and Shine Australia (producer of MasterChef Australia) today.

I have asked them all to rectify the mistake and apologise for it during the programme broadcast.




Improper and incorrect display including upside down display of Indian Flag is not permitted by law. Display and use of Indian Flag is governed by Flag Code of India 2002. Improper (intentional) misuse and display are punishable by Law at least in India.

We ask MasterChef Australia, Shine Australia and Channel 10 to stop improper display of India’s national Flag immediately.

May I ask Indian High Commission, Canberra and various Consulates in Australia to do their bits to get it rectified urgently.

PS: Within few minutes from my Blog going public, I have received two Tweets from MasterChef Australia. Here they are being reproduced.

“MasterChef Australia ‏@masterchefau 7m

@dryadusingh @channelten @ShineAustralia …We unreservedly apologise for any offence caused.”

“MasterChef Australia ‏@masterchefau 9m

@dryadusingh @channelten @ShineAustralia The flag being positioned upside down was an unintentional oversight during production…”

Dr Yadu Singh

Source: https://yadusingh.wordpress.com/

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