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Mili Dakshin – A Budding Artist

April 2, 2014

Mili Dakshin is a budding artist/painter from Currans Hill, NSW. Mili is 10 years old and is studying at Currans Hill Public School.

Mili started painting at a very early age of 3 years and developed the passion for painting. She has won many awards including awards from Fairfax Newspaper, Camden Chamber of Commerce and Real Estate Partners at Camden.

Apart from the normal fabric and water colour paintings, Mili has specialised in ‘Kuncha Kaavya’. Kuncha Kaavya’ is a specialised form of painting from South India where an artist competes to finish a painting in record time of 6 to 8 minutes while a singer sings a song. The idea is to finish the painting before the song finishes. This requires lot of skill and knowledge of colours as the colours can easy mix with each other if not done in an appropriate way.

Mili has given her performance in front of huge crowds of nearly 10,000 at Olympic Park , at Ganeshothsava 2012 in front of nearly 2500 audience and at various other events organized by Sydney Kannada Sangha, United Indian Associations etc.

Occasionally Mili surprises audience by doing the painting upside down. Half the time within the 6 minutes, audience keep wondering what is that she is painting and when she turns it upside down, audience will be surprised to see the excellent work of painting by this youngster!

Mili along with her father/grandmother has provided painting and craft training to younger kids during Craft/Painting workshops organized by IAAFA, Sydney Kannada Sangha, Bala Sanskar Kendra etc.

Mili’s ambition is to continue to develop this talent and promote importance of Nature and importance of preserving nature through her paintings.

Mili’s sister Khushi Dakshin is closely following behind and is also a good artist specializing in Kuncha Kaavya. 8 year Khushi has given various performances including the ones organized by Sydney Kannada Sangha and at Ganeshothsava 2012.

Mili and Khushi are from an artist family. Their father Dakshinamurthy Anjanappa is popular artist and grandmother Leelamma in India is a very famous artist and has given painting demonstrations/classes all over India.

I am sure you will spot them sometime soon, doing this artist work.