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My Prayer…….Supreme Courage of Love

April 21, 2013

Give me the supreme courage of love. This is my prayer, the courage to speak, to do, to suffer at thy will, to leave all things or left alone.”Rabinder Nath Tagore.

Understanding is the essence of love. If you cannot understand ,you cannot love.

When you understand love ,your words come automatically,” Thank you God for guiding my words today. I ask that my vocabulary be infused with love and positive energy. Let everything that I speak of bring beneficial effects to those who listen. All my words are healing and uplifting.

Let us work together to use healing language in everything we say or write.

Our speech emits the spark of Divine Love and all others feel the impact.

If we meet some people suffering or in deep trouble, let us become their protective angels.

” Please……Please…..Can we just do this?
If nothing else, do not harm them.
If you can,..Help others.
If you cannot do that,
At least do not harm them.” Dalai Lama.

Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world. Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.

Let our Love flow like empty water in all directions naturally.

Let us perform our all actions with supreme courage with justice to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.At the same time we should not desire to control people or events.

Sometimes just relaxed, witness and try to understand the people passing through the pains, suffering, traumas times and again. Help them if you can, or leave them alone to find them their own divine path.

Attachment with things, wealth or family is good as we are a social animals we should use, promote and respect them as the Global citizen. But it is also a cause of bond and pain.

We must prepare ourselves in such a way to detach from all these things at our will.

We should live like a free air.

” I believe we are free within limits and yet there is an unseen hand ,a guiding angel that somehow ,like a submerged propeller, drives us.”Rabinder Nath Tagore.

Article by : Jawahar Gupta

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