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My thoughts are driving me crazy!

July 28, 2014

“Where are my thoughts taking me?”

Often in life when we cannot think straight or are not able to make decisions, we become confused and often land ourselves in ‘foot-in-mouth’ situations.

This is when we need to check ourselves-sit in silence and listen to our inner voice. “Where are my thoughts taking me?” Our thoughts will be evident in our attitude and actions. The way others react to us is the measuring tool that can be used to gauge whether our thoughts are heading in the right direction.

To lead a peaceful life I need to control my own mind and find a positive balance between the input and output of my thoughts.

Some handy tips to change the direction of our thoughts

1. Smile – Spread the cheer!
Some people find it hard to smile or laugh, even though the situation is favourable. Their negative thoughts block their ability to see the goodness around them. A smile helps change your mood and often attracts another’s smile. Thus it relieves stress. Just remember this: it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

2. Keep positive company!
When your thoughts begin to drive you crazy, call a positive friend. You may not need to share what the trouble is but the positivity will rub off onto you, making you feel lighter about what is happening. A happy and positive person is like a light at the end of the tunnel.

A smile helps change your mood

3. Lend a helping hand!
Forget about yourself for a moment and do something nice for someone else. Help an elderly lady, struggling with her groceries! Take some food, books and clothes to the op shop and have a chat with the volunteers! Offer to help a neighbour by taking out the bins!

4. Dance, sing or just do what you love!
Express your positive feelings through any form of art or creative activity.

5. Count your blessings!
Having a grateful heart helps overcome unrealistically negative thoughts in your mind. Think about what you have–an education, creative talents and interests, family, children, pets, friends, good memories, an upcoming trip or adventure, physical health, pleasant weather, the flowers blooming in the parks and gardens in your neighbourhood!

6. Read positive literature, watch a good movie!
Seek out positive and inspiring quotes, write them out on sticky notes and place them where you will see them – on the fridge in your kitchen, on your computer.

Watch an inspiring movie with a friend and enjoy sharing a vibrant discussion about the movie’s message.

7. Move on into a better and brighter day!
It’s no use thinking about the past and how your actions affected you and those around you. Be determined to make up for any past loss. Be determined to have a better and brighter day today – right now!

A smile helps change your mood

Brahma Kumaris Australia teaches a form of open-eyed meditation, which is both practical and refreshing. Once we have learnt to meditate, we can enjoy this experience at anytime anywhere. Meditation allows us to take time out from our daily activitiesto go on a mental holiday and then come back, refreshed, to the work of the day. Gradually we notice that we are not so affected by circumstances and situations, that we have become calm observers of the many situations every day offers.

Master of our own mind!
We are what we make of ourselves. As the masters of our minds, we need to lead our thoughts where we want them to go. It is natural to have both negative and positive thoughts but it is not natural and healthy to have an abundance of negative thoughts.

We need to be gentle with ourselves and reward ourselves for having the sense to recognise the negative and to turn that around. Our thoughts today lead to the person I become over the years. One step at a time, reinforced over time, will bring positive and permanent changes.

We need to bear in mind the famous quote from the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao-Tse:

“Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become your character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

A smile helps change your mood

Brahma Kumaris in Australia

The Brahma Kumaris have had a presence in Australia since 1975. There are centres and class locations in the major cities, as well as three Centres for Spiritual Learning, where courses, classes and retreats are held. Brahma Kumaris Australia is a registered charity in the area of education (spiritual). All programs are offered free of charge as a service to the community. The ongoing operations are funded through donations from students and the public in the spirit of maintaining its educational services for the benefit of all in the community.

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