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Nandini Kumaran

February 20, 2015

Nandini Kumaran is the Author of “4 Keys to finding Your Soulmate” and the creator of “Manifest Your Divine Partner” 8 week coaching program at It’s All About Love.

“She believes that everyone deserves to live a deeply fulfilling life full of love and passion with their One True Love.”

Nandini takesGoddesses on a journey to unlock their Love Blocks and shows them how to manifest their Divine Partners and master their relationships.

She holds “Manifest More Love In Your Life” workshops assisting women in making transformational changes within themselves and creating more love and connection in their lives.

Nandini is a Relationship Coach, talented Psychic and a Shaman, specializing in Relationships, Love readings and dating advice.  Using her shaman skills she also helps you to release any past life blocks that you may have which are holding you back from being with your divine partner and areaffecting your love life.

All of Nandini’s experiences have led her to see that there are so many successful women who are living in relationships which are not really fulfilling and satisfying. They are just a little bit afraid to let go and start living and attracting the DIVINE RELATIONSHIP. She just loves everything about love and finds it so magical in the way that as we start working on ourselves we can attract the better half to us. The one True Love!

Nandini’s purpose is to connect people with their One True Love and her Vision is to see a world full of happy, loving couples who are destined to be together (with their divine partners).

Nandini has always has been very intuitive throughout her life and did readings for friends and relatives. She professionally commenced doing readings after a near death experience. She was driving on a highway when she hit a cow which came out of nowhere. Her car was written off but she walked away without a single scratch on her body. She was a bit shaken up from this close call and realized how short life is and we must focus on our inner desires and forces. She also learnt that the forces of the universe protect us and push us towards our true calling. Since that day she has started developing and using her gifted intuition in helping and guiding others in their lives.

Being on this spiritual journey gives her a deep sense of fulfilment and peace.  Healing and connecting with the Divine has been a motivation in life since then.

In this fortnightly column she will be offering free psychic guidance and relationship advice.  You are welcome to write in any questions that you would like answered.

Nandini is based in Sydney but offers skype and phone readings. You can contact Nandini directly if you would like personal readings or healings.

Services Offered:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Angel Therapy
  • Crystal Dreaming
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Angel and Tarot Workshops
  • Psychic Parties available on request

Website – https://itsallaboutlove.com.au/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/itsallaboutlove999?ref=hl

Email – embracethepowerwithin@outlook.com