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Navratri Fasting Rules and Food: What to eat and What not to eat

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The fasting season of 2021 is finally here with Chaitra Navratri starting from April 13. It is one of the most important and auspicious Hindu festivals and is celebrated with great enthusiasm all across the country. People fast for nine days and worship Goddess Durga during Navratri. This festival also gives you a chance to cleanse your body while fasting and flush out all the toxins by following a Sattvic diet. Most people have a doubt regarding whether to fast during COVID times or not. Well, it is completely safe to fast during times of COVID-19 if you do it the right way. If you too are planning to fast this Navratri, here are some essential tips for you.

Avoid fried foods

Fasting is super healthy for your body as it detoxifies your body and the absence of gluten-loaded grains eases the digestive system. In such a scenario, it is best to avoid foods that undermine the motive. Fried foods are not only unhealthy but can also affect your gut and heart health. During fasting, avoid eating fried potato chips, deep-fried tikkis, vada, gulgule, pakodas and puris. All these foods are full of oil and are not recommended if you wish to do healthy fasting.

​Eat healthy and filling foods

Make sure you eat small meals at frequent intervals during the day. Staying hungry for long can take a hit on your immunity and can also mess up your metabolism.

Go for healthy food items like fruits, vegetables, paneer, yoghurt, lassi, dosa, khichdi, kadhi, cheela, kheer and dhokla. You can make different items with sabudana, makhana, kuttu atta, singhara atta but make sure the dish is prepared with minimal oil.

Liquid intake

Increase your liquid intake by including different types of beverages in your diet. Firstly prepare detox water by mixing diced cucumber, lemon and some mint leaves in a jug of water. Now drink this water in batches by sipping it throughout the day.

Some other healthy drinks include cumin seeds water, coconut water, cinnamon tea, green tea, mint juice, lemonade and kadha. You can opt for any of these drinks based on your taste.

​Fruits and juices

Opt for fruits and fresh juices to detoxify your body while you are fasting. You can opt for seasonal fruits and eat them either as a meal or as a snack when those hunger pangs hit. You can also opt for fresh vegetable juices in order to keep yourself full.

Don’t starve yourself

A lot of people starve themselves in the name of fast and end up hurting their own body. Starving yourself will take a hit on your immunity which is absolutely not advisable during COVID times. Make sure you eat proper meals, pick healthy foods and drink healthy beverages to keep your immunity stable even while fasting.

Source: India Times

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