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Never Put off Till Tomorrow What You can do Today

May 21, 2013

Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow is mystery and Today is a Gift.
That is why Today is called The Present of Life.
So whatever are your today’s priorities, do it step by step, one by one to reach your today’s Goal. Today’s Goal achievements will be filling your precious life basket.
Time is fleeting, take Life day by day, tomorrow will get here soon enough and yesterday does not matter anymore.
Please do not waste your life looking back t the past. Treasure the happy memories, enjoy the best of today, then you can look forward for pleasant tomorrow.
Life is a journey, Enjoy the trip with your best tools, luggage and applications.
If the mind is allowed to be sadly engaged in the past or to be unduly worried about the future, this mental weight would stop us from meaningfully using our present and this would reduce our efficiency and productivity.
So be grateful to the Almighty God for Gift of Today and decide to Never put off till tomorrow what you can today!

Article by : Jawahar Gupta

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