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New Make Up Brands in Sydney for 2015

January 14, 2015

A new year, a new you and what new products have hit the makeup counters in Sydney late 2014.

These are makeup products maybe you would buy them from online sites or overseas because stores did not stock these brands in Australia.

Sephora’s store is new to Australia and the city of Sydney was the chosen destination for the launch of Sephora in Australia. The store opened in December 2014 but for months prior to the store opening, there was so much hype on social media on how competition was coming through for other major department stores via Sephora’s opening and us consumers would get products cheaper as we all know make up is so cheap in US compared to Australia. Alas, what a disappointment it was – Be it walking into the store even though when it had been open for two weeks, or the prices of branded makeup (the taxes, GST etc), no sight of the some brands available in Sephora US or the signs, "this item is temporarily unavailable". How could they be sold out on some items when the store had recently opened.

Sephora timed their launch and marketing rather well, pre Christmas launch, store’s pre-opening hype with giveaways and with the knowledge shoppers are going to be gift shopping and yes they had preset gift packs in nails, make up or skin care at reasonable prices.

Though the makeup range carried by Sephora may not be as much as they have in their US Stores, there are some great products and brands on offer. Great skincare range, face masks, hair products, nail polishes..OPI..the list can be endless from the eyes of a beauty enthusiast.

Make up brands Hourglass, Nars, Smashbox and Stila have their distribution rights with Mecca Cosmetics and other retailers and you will not find these great products in the Sephora store. It is not a one stop shop for makeup unless you have one favourite make up brand. Make Up Forever, Tarte Cosmetics, Kat VonD, Anastasia Beverley Hills were some products other than Sephora’s own range in makeup and brushes that got my attention and yes I would go back to buy, yet there are online sites within Australia selling some of these products and the opening of the store has just been a hype only. The prices are nothing like their US stores. There was no sign of the Urban Decay eye shadow palettes. Do they stock them at all or just bluffed, "oh! we sold out on them." is anyone’s guess.

Personally, Sephora need to change their game with Customer Service. Let the customer decide on what products they want to buy rather than it be a sales exercise. I would go back to browse through, I personally do like the option of try before I buy if I have a choice.

I would be interested in your feedback of the products at Sephora. What has been a great buy or a regret purchase. What would you like to read more of in the future Beauty articles. Your comments and questions are appreciated.

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