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September 3, 2012

A few nights ago I dreamt of a natural calamity-an earthquake. I was inside a beautiful historical cathedral, & could see water surging…I DIED…my fear of drowning now seemed baseless. In a matter of seconds I was out in the open with my granddad & a pet dog (both in spirit), witnessing the chaos around us.

Finding my loved ones who were still alive in human form, I told them that I was fine & loved them.
It was a pleasant dream about survival after leaving this body.

Guess what, since we all are already putting in the hard yards in this lifetime, it doesn’t hurt to let go of our fears & enjoy it ever more with love.

The experiences I have had in the dream state have always felt as if they are happening in real time. The reason I’ve shared them is because a lot of us have questions about life after death. Even though many of us believe in reincarnation, the word ‘death’ seems to be a taboo in some cultures.
Our soul is eternal-it never dies. Like we change our clothes, similarly upon being proclaimed dead, we simply change our ‘choga’ – body than envelopes our soul, & are back again to experience life 1st hand.

There is a saying in Hindi-‘Aag mein tapp kar hi sona kundan banta hai’-(The ferocity of the fire turns gold into kundan-a precious jewel). It’s the trials & tribulations that we face, via our body, relationships, circumstances, that aid our spirit to evolve, making us who we are.

I am that I Am- an eternal soul-Lest we forget 🙂

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?” ― Rumi

An evening of Mediumship- ‘Connecting with the Spirit’ with Guneeta Kaur

5th Jan 2013, Ludhiana (India)-Sutlej Club.
12th Jan 2013, Jalandhar (India)-684, Model Town.
19th Jan 2013, Gurgaon (India)- TBA

What: Evidence of life after death. An evening of knowing that ‘All izzz well’ with our loved ones who have crossed over.
Receive healing & loving messages.

Cost: Rs 301 pp / Rs 501 per couple.
Includes tea & coffee with nibbles

*All proceeds go to an Orphanage/Old age home.

1. Click on ‘Going’ to this event,
2. Make a payment at the earliest. Limited seats-30.
3. Send an invite to your friends/family to join in.

**For payment details contact: tarot1970@hotmail.com
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