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October 2014 Monthly Horoscope

October 13, 2014

You shall make slow and steady growth on the professional front. At times the growth may be so slow that it may not be noticeable, but rest assured you shall be making progress. And in due time you will also be rewarded. Your communication skills shall be sharp, which you shall put to good use in making new contacts. Some of these may be very influential people, which will eventually benefit your career. But when you speak in public, make sure you do so clearly and nobody misunderstands you. If you are a businessman, too, your progress will be gradual. Try to get the best out of the resources at your disposal. The last week will be auspicious for taking major decisions. Family is likely to demand your attention, so you will have to tackle things maturely to balance both fronts. On the financial front, you shall be comfortable and will be able to provide your family with all material comforts.

Your workload is going to be heavy this week, . In fact, you may be overwhelmed by the files piled up on your table, and may feel stressed just looking at them. You need to set your priorities, your short-term goals, and tackle them one by one, instead of getting bogged down by the sheer weight of the files. Also, conserve your energy and do everything necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy. On the positive side, the undercurrent of optimism in your nature will be intact, which will help you in accomplishing your tasks despite the tight deadlines. Although you may not have much time to spare with your friends and family, you will manage some quality time for them. Criticism will hurt you, so you will try to maintain a low profile. On the financial front, there will be no problems and you shall have enough to meet all your necessities. You may develop an inclination for spirituality.

With too many things demanding your attention,  this month you may be a little confused and may find it difficult to set your priorities right. However, no matter how pressing other matters may be, advises you to put your career and professional life foremost. Whatever work you have in the office should be completed come what may, so don’t make the mistake of taking a break while a task is ongoing. Be practical and set realistic targets. You shall be in a jovial mood throughout the month and will keep people around you in good humour. You may be a bit sentimental, but make sure you don’t get carried away by your emotions. Avoid taking any major decisions during the month. Some introspection is called for, in order to identify what exactly has subdued your creativity. Businessmen need to avoid conflicts with partners. If you are planning to invest in the stock market, do so only after taking expert guidance.

Despite the fact that you are working very hard, you may not be very satisfied with your job. The reason might be that you are not getting enough appreciation from your superiors. Some of your co-workers may actually be trying to undermine you by complaining about you to the bosses. Besides, you shall be very kind-hearted, a fact which many people around you may try to exploit. Be alert, and handle everything maturely instead of losing your temper or letting depression take over. On the financial front, there are likely to be some extra expenses, but that will be balanced off with the extra money that is likely to pour in. Matters related to property, especially certain disputes within the family, may cause some anxiety. But if you can manage to stay objective and cool-headed, you will be able to resolve things to everyone’s satisfaction.

A very productive month ahead is foreseen for you. You will be totally focussed on your work, and will win the praise of your peers and superiors alike. You will also be very objective and may not even be aware of the gossiping and office politics going on around you. However, your views will be given due importance, and in fact your seniors are likely to rely heavily on you for getting all ongoing tasks accomplished. They will also seek your opinion before embarking on any new project. In your personal life, you are likely to meet people from different fields, and interacting with them on an intellectual level shall broaden your perspective immensely. Your communication skills will come in handy. Some financial issues are foreseen, but  these will get sorted out without much difficulty. You may be required to marshal all your resources to handle some delicate situations, and this is where your flexibility and maturity will help you overcome them.

This month may be a roller-coaster ride for you on the work front. Be alert, conserve your energy, and keep an eye on rivals who may be out to tarnish your image. Moreover, be flexible in order to overcome the obstacles that you are likely to face this month. Also, be positive and don’t get bogged down by minor setbacks. During the dull phases you would do well to make the best use of the time by clearing the clutter, both in your mind and in your personal and professional space. Your financial situation this month may cause some anxiety, with the ever-widening gap between income and expenditure, but this can easily be brought under control by implementing some serious cost-cutting measures. For investments, seek expert guidance, and if you wish to take a loan, this month is quite auspicious. Be careful about maintaining harmony in your relationships, because your tendency to speak the brutal truth can at times hurt your near and dear ones.

There is going to be heavy workload this month. The pressure can get under your skin if your concentration wavers, but if you can force yourself not to get distracted by anything and work with full focus, it will almost be a joy-ride. Besides, accept the fact that not everything on your plate needs urgent attention; there are some things which can easily be put off for later, thus relieving some burden on you at the moment. If you are a businessman, expect some travel, and if you tag your partner along, you are very likely to strike some lucrative deals. On the financial front, you shall be comfortable, and you shall have enough to set a substantial chunk aside to secure your future. However, avoid impulsive shopping. If you have been eyeing a new house, this month is auspicious to finalise the deal. At times you may feel over-energetic, and advise you to expend it in constructive ways.

This month you may feel deprived of the recognition that you feel you deserve, both from peers and superiors. However, carry on with your work sincerely regardless of it, and not to think of rewards or recognition; they will come in due time. For those of you who are planning to change your job, the planets suggest that this is not an auspicious month for it, so postpone all such plans. Although you shall come up with some out-of-the-box ideas, many of them may not be practical enough to be implemented. However, there is no need to lose heart, as at a later date when the time is right and your company has the resources, they may very well be implemented. Expenses are likely to increase this month, mainly because you shall spend a lot on providing creature comforts to your family members. Pay sufficient attention to your personal life to keep things going smoothly. Take good care of your health.

This month you shall be very balanced in your approach to life. Neither success nor setbacks will be able to shake your equanimity. Work pressure is bound to increase and will, in fact, make you more enthusiastic to complete your tasks within the given deadlines. However, you, too, have your limits, and at some stage during the month, the pressure may get too much for you to handle. Fortunately, you shall be able to take a break and recharge your batteries. If you are a businessman, be careful about all your dealings, as this month you are likely to incur some losses. Also, on the financial front you may face some difficulties, and may not be able to meet all your requirements. Try implementing some cost-cutting measures, as taking loans is not advisable. You shall be quite busy on the social front. Some family gatherings are on the cards, and in all likelihood you may meet some of your extended family members.

You are at a very delicate stage in your career, and the last thing you should do is to get into arguments with your superiors. Be extremely careful while interacting with your peers and superiors both, as one wrong word could cost you heavily. The work pressure on you will keep mounting, and co-workers too may not be too helpful, so brace up to go solo. This month is the right time to take stock of your career, and try to analyse whether you are moving in the right direction as regards your long-term objectives. For businessmen, the stars indicate that you need to exercise due care while finalising any new project or contract. Read the fine print carefully before you put your signature to it. Things are expected to be smooth on the financial front, except for some anxiety caused by property-related issues. There may be no time for your personal life, and maybe you need a break to spend some time with your loved ones.

On the professional front, things are not going to be smooth, especially as the pressure on you is likely to increase and it will be difficult for you to live up to the expectations that your superiors have from you. Though your inclination to stand up for the truth is praiseworthy, this month you are advised to weigh your words carefully and strictly avoid any arguments with anyone. On the other hand, this month is very favourable for businessmen. Your turnover and profits are likely to increase. You need to make new contacts by putting your communication skills to good use, broaden your circle and try to expand and reach out to different and unexplored markets. As for your finances, you may barely be able to meet your anticipated expenses with the actual monetary inflow. If you do have some money to spare, spend it on some hobby which will refresh your mind. A spot of meditation can greatly help you.

There will be many positives in your professional life this month. The most important one being that your work will be appreciated by your immediate superiors and the senior management. Though you tend to be more of a dreamer, certain experiences may have taught you to be practical, and if you can persist in being practical, you will surely taste success. If you have been planning to switch jobs and have received an offer letter, you may serve the notice in your current job. As for businessmen, be alert, and take quick decisions without being impulsive, so that you don’t miss out on any good opportunities to make money. Try to expand your operations to new territories which you have not explored yet, and even abroad. In your personal life you shall be helpful to others and thus grow in social stature. Finances may pose a bit of a problem, but you may seek help from family and friends.

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