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Operation Broadsword detects oversize and overmass trucks in Newcastle

March 20, 2015

Friday, 20 March 2015 03:52:50 PM

Police and Roads and Maritime Services officers have inspected 10 oversize and overmass vehicles in Newcastle resulting in 12 heavy vehicle charges.

The Joint Traffic Taskforce attended the Carrington area this morning (Friday 20 March 2015), and inspected a number of trucks that were loaded ready to move large equipment and machinery.

During the operation officers inspected 10 oversize and overmass vehicles which revealed offences with 12 charges to be preferred in respect of: severe width, length and height of the loaded truck all owing to permit non-compliance.

Roads and Maritime Services officers are continuing to assess a number of weight issues involving the loads.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said it was imperative that operators complied with permit obligations.

“Those that go outside set permits create risks for the roads that are used, and most importantly, for other motorists.

“Operators need to understand that permits must be fully complied with when loading and moving oversize and overmass loads, and the Joint Traffic Taskforce will continue this focus for the benefit of driving down the road toll across NSW,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

Roads and Maritime Services Director Safety and Compliance, Peter Wells, said it is extremely important heavy vehicles which transport oversize and over mass cargo do so safely, accurately and within the limits of their permit.

“These loads are very large and/or heavy and the consent limits are set to ensure the safety of all road users and the protection of important infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels.

“It is all about culture – we want a much more professional culture in this sector.

“Everyone in the chain of responsibility from the consignor to the consignee, loaders, schedulers and operators have a responsibility to ensure compliance with the permit conditions.

“We will take action against anyone found to have allowed an oversize or over mass vehicle to move goods against the allowable limits,” Mr Wells said.