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Path Preet Singh

April 11, 2014

Path Preet

If Music is the food of life, then Movies do have Expression which conveys the same love……in a splendorous world of imaginations, dance and melodrama.

Path Preet Singh is our film critic for Australian Indian community .He has known for watching Bollywood movies First day First show. Path brings with him the extensive knowledge and experience in tune with Bollywood movie industry.

Desi.com.au would love to welcome onboard Path as our fellow Desi team member for new editorial section First Day First Show.

Path started presenting and scripting a weekly film review on his Facebook page. He did attract viewers and followers with his creative writing and thoughts on Bollywood movie industry. This is on his Facebook 24/7.He is the film critic and a columnist for Australian Bollywood Audience.

If any award happens in Australian Indian Community for watching highest Bollywood movies, Desi.com.au would love to give it to Path. He always share his knowledge with Australian Bollywood movie distributors and production houses regarding movie piracy and do try his best to support piracy act in Australia.

Path is working as successful IT consultant with large global Company. Path does hold skilful education past. Path received an Master of Science in Computing from University of Technology (UTS) Sydney. He received Double

Post Graduation in Computing Science and Business applications .He received different awards for Information systems excellence and pledge for success in the field of Information technology domain “.

He is one of the refine performer and dance choreographer in Australian dance community. He is very active in organising dance workshops for school kids and local ethnic dance communities.

Well appreciated in all his Bollywood dance performances throughout North India and particularly noted for his choreography of dance movements in dance videos. Path extends his tentacles of teaching and imparting his groove to the Australian youth dance community by shortly initiating a project called ABOUT a youth dance community where dancing can be nurtured and groomed to perfection.

Truly if music be food of life……then movies.