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Priyanka Pri Pri is young and sensational personality with soulful voice has sweetness of Delta

April 2, 2014

Priyanka Pri Pri is young and sensational personality with soulful voice has sweetness of Delta , Husky texture of Rhianna and powerful vocal like Sunidhi Chauhan.

Her Voice range and style suits multiple genre like melodious ballads, RNB, Club and pop tracks.

Some of the comments made by her Guru’s & advisor “she is Musical, Music runs in her”

She has always been interested in music since childhood but she started singing seriously at the age of 14
She was very keen to pursue music when she was young and her first guitar was specially customized to suit her tiny hands at age of six ,as she is left handed.

She studied music in her high school days, and cleared auditions for several Universities to attend Bachelor is music course to be accepted in almost all but she choose AIMS. (Australian Institute of Music)

Her Voice texture is her USP and this impressed Aadesh Shrivastava. As he is very frank critic with appreciation for true talent.

When he heard some of her home recordings, Aadeshji immediately wanted to meet her and analyze her voice. On very first day he worked and recorded a Hindi Club track verse, which was very unusually for priyanka as she had never sung an Hindi Songs previously.

She nailed the verse in one hour which left Aadeshji so impressed that he wanted to sign her for his own label RAAGA..
This happened to be her first recorded track of her first album.

At present she is working towards completion of this album consisting of Mix genre including raga based Classical, Punjabi folk track, couple of Club / dance numbers, Shaan (well known bollywood singer) and Aadeshji will be also recording Duets with her and are very proud to be associated with her voice.

Rajeshwari and Alisha’s pop tunes influenced Priyanka’s in her earlier years and she use to dance to those videos.

Sunidhi was what she always wants to be. Her Western Ideals are Beyonce, Rihanna, Delta and Adeel
As an Australian & Sydney Teenager , she was primarily drawn towards Western commercial music like RNB, Hip-Hop and ballads.

Her prerelease Songs have been heard in the industry and multiple music directors have shown interested in working with her.

Even Big names in western Music has shown interest in working with her.

Her ambition is to be Rihanna of the east and want to bring eastern music on global platform.

She is keen to sing for movies and also want to work on her own music styles.

Priyanka is a writer, composer and Singer with stunning looks and figure a complete package which Music industry today looks for.

Twitter comments made by Aadeshji say it all. Even recordist were amazed with the voice textures and emotions she puts in her words while singing melodious songs.

“Ye ladki Fhad da lege “ is the one of the comment made by AAdesh.

Priyanka was born in Mumbai on 7th Jan 1993 to her parents come from different backgrounds. Her dad is a Engineer by profession and come from Gujarati/Marathi family and her Mum is a Goan Catholic from GOA.

Her love for fashion, music and flying is overwhelming. She starts her day singing and ends her day in her own home studio.

She feels proud to be a hills girl as delta comes from hills too.

She is at her best when singing melodies with very deep-sea voice to slow ballads in English and bollywood songs.

She is now getting into a big league – Shaan has appreciated her voice, so has Sunidhi Chauhan.

She will be performing soon with Aadesh in India.

She has been innovative and will be composing & performing Hip-hop style songs for Dandiya.

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