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Put Your Every Idea into Action.

April 28, 2013

Be Open to receive all ideas that comes to us every day.

Every idea has a great potential of a seed to germinate a big giant banyan tree.

An idea that is developed and put in to action is more important than the ideas which exists only on papers.

Let all our ideas be given a fair and perfect chance to come alive ,resurrecting like butterfly ,unfolding its wings for the first time to radiate love and illuminate the God’s creation.

A silent knowing that arises in the mind as intuitive wisdom , a passionate knowing that arises in heart as boundless love creates a real magnificent building of your idea.

Blessed are those who not only speak but make a decision and stand in those places that knows about life, the power of right action and creates the desired end results. Then……….. Your action becomes the true witness of your realized ideas.

Article by : Jawahar Gupta

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