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Raman Bhalla and Mike Baird Will deliver for Blacktown

October 13, 2014

Raman Bhalla Liberal for Blacktown

Raman Bhalla is the Liberal candidate for Blacktown in the March 2015 election. Raman runs his own accounting business and has strong ties to Blacktown’s business community. As an experienced chartered accountant and an active
member of several community organisations, Raman knows the challenges local families face. Raman is committed to continuing the good work of the Mike Baird Liberal Team and will fight to ensure essential services such as health, transport and education are delivered to Blacktown. He and his wife Rupinder have been married for over 11 years and have two young daughters.

Contact Raman

P: 0449 533 438, A: PO Box 29, Blacktown NSW 2148

E: Raman.Bhalla@nsw.liberal.org.au, W: www.ramanbhalla.com.au, Facebook ramanbhalla4blacktown

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