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Romeo Ranjha (2014) | Punjabi Movie Critic Review By Path Preet Singh

May 18, 2014

Star 1 out 5
Director: Navaniat Singh
Starring: Jazzy B Garry Sandhu Monica Bedi, Parul Gulati

Watched Romeo Ranjha” below average movie…

Movie in one line “Romeo (Jazzy B) and Ranjha (Garry Sandhu) are two cheats who feed and live on their fraudulent practices.

I am always go soft with my reviews on Punjabi movies as they want to set bar high, if we still kept this level, Punjabi movie industry will go back to Stone Age for sure.

As an audience and looking at movie trailer, I was expecting expensive cars and thrilling stunts .The minute movie starts, audience can predict how whole movie is going to torture in next 2 hours or so.

Cheap quality n broken cars were used during whole movie. In PR activities, they said ,movie will have Hollywood level of stunts but I didn’t found any stunts at all .It was just 5year old kid making movie with handy cam for his school project .Director try to cover boring Stunts with high pitch background music to thrill audiences but again audience these days are intelligent

Movie shot in Thailand, offcourse to save money, producers hire few local lady boys n team of people and ask them to act and speak Punjabi .Dubbing got too many flaws. The dialogues of the movie are cheesy.

Punjabi movie directors stop taking Punjabi audience granted. I found whole movie is a big mess and out of hands from execution part, Whole movie team did overlook their responsibilities as a team that they should concentrate on real objective of a movie i.e Movie content or quality, I felt director left whole movie monotonous.

As an audience, I will ask one question from producers …why should I spend my money and time on this movie …convince me.

Path Preet Singh
Film Critic
Follow me on: – www.facebook.com/Pathpreetsingh

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