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Satinder Sartaaj Event Gallery 2014

August 11, 2014

Satinder Saartaj’s performance along with his talented team of musicians in Sydney was enjoyed and appreciated by one and all.

First time ever I have seen a concert where the artist performed for nearly 4 hours without any break and when asked to bring the show to and end, he requested the organisers to give him 5 more minutes. He was so deeply engrossed in his music that he did not actually want to leave the stage and if there were no time constraints he would have continued with poetry and singing.

He tried to get the public involved and asked them to sing along with him. He said don’t worry about the sur and taal, music is most melodious when it comes from heart. To my surprise he also sang fluently in Pashto ( Afghani Language).Sartaaj tried to sing as many requests he could .Few of his songs and poetry that he wrote few years ago but presented on the stage for the first time.

Once again SEEG has brought a successful and well organised show to Sydney.

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