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Silence a Treat

March 20, 2013

As we walk our path we come across individuals who have their own satori to share with us. I recently met up with BK Seka Jankovic and this is what she had to share on the power that ‘Silence’ holds with-in it.

What is Silence?

Silence is us transcending this body and the environment (that impacts upon our 5 senses) and taking ourselves into a serene space where we can be our real self. Silence is when our Mann (mind) is blissfully drenched in the very essence of who we are~> spiritual beings of light and love ~> the unconditional kind.

Its when we step into our inner most self that we experience ‘Silence’, reacquainting us with peace, love, bliss~our truest virtues. We then allow this experience to naturally flow out and have a positive effect on our environment. The cycle continues~thus having a ripple effect.

BK Seka Jankovic

Silence can be powerful yet fun. It is what we make of it.


If I may say, we all are looking for peace and happiness, yet the world as we know it, is full of distractions, noise… The fact is that the outside holds only as much power on our Mann (mind) as we allow it. So, when we go with-in and are one with the silence, we instinctively ‘know’. It is this knowing which is our best guide, empowering us in leading our lives in the best possible manner.

When, where do we find silence and how do we get there?

Silence is an internal experience. We can get there at any time~in a moment…whilst meditating, carrying out mundane tasks like gardening, cooking, listening to music, shopping, at work…

Its when we completely relax and recognize our true worth as a being of peace that we experience the silence and then whatever we are doing/ being~seems perfect to us in that moment.

A day has 24 hours, with an average sleep time of 8 hours. Out of the remaining 16 hours when we are awake, we can take out a minute on the hour every hour to observe silence, (set an alarm/subtle music on our watch/mobile/laptop that reminds us to focus on the inhalation of our breath, acknowledge the thought/s that come to us and let go of them). In time the silent space between two thoughts would expand and that is where our true being resides.

The practice of silence empowers our very being, the way we go about things, our efficiency, others’ perception of us, the list is endless. Silence is the best gift we can give to ourselves.

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Guneeta Kaur, a Spiritual Medium