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Spiritual Intelligence & Finding my true indentity

September 4, 2014



By Charles Hogg, National Co-ordinator,
Brahma Kumaris Australia

When I reflect on my life, I can see that I grew up with a fairly limited view of intelligence. I saw it as an intellectual ability needed to pass exams.

When I began to meditate, I remember observing more closely what was taking place in my mind and I was quite shocked. Although I could easily pass exams, I really had no control in my mind and no real wisdom to understand and deal with what was happening in my mind. In fact, I seemed to be a slave to my own thoughts and feelings.

I began to observe how my mind responded to situations and others’ behaviour. A few words, a glance or a vibration could send my mind into overdrive. A barrage of thoughts could take over for minutes or even hours. I bowed down: “Oh, mind! Take me over! You are the master!”

I began to realise that with all my education I was quite ignorant about
my inner world. I wondered where to find the wisdom or intelligence required to understand the subtle nuances and intricacies of my thoughts and feelings.

After many years of meditation practice and a growing awareness of my inner world I now have a deeper understanding that there are various layers of wisdom and that each is required for a balanced life.

In describing these different types of wisdom or intelligence, I use the following terms: IQ, intellectual quotient; EQ, emotional quotient; and SQ, spiritual quotient.

IQ – intelligence quotient – refers to our rational, logical, rule-bound, problem-solving intelligence. It focuses on rational, goal-oriented thinking, which helps us to function in the physical world.

EQ – emotional quotient – is the intelligence that understands feelings. This is essential in order to have strong loving relationships. If I have good emotional intelligence, I understand that what goes on in my mind – my thoughts and feelings – all the internal activity is not hidden but is experienced by others. My attitude propels my inner world into the atmosphere for all to sense instantly.

When I hold assumptions, criticisms and judgements about others, it is no wonder that I find it hard to get on with others or experience close, loving interactions.
When I have good emotional intelligence, I take responsibility for the quality of my thoughts and feelings because I realise that this sense of personal responsibility forms the basis of beneficial and sustainable relationships.

SQ or spiritual quotient is the wisdom to have a quality relationship with myself. This spiritual intelligence is the wisdom we most need in the world today. The relationship with the self is the first relationship of life. If this key connection is dysfunctional, everything else in our lives is distorted and polluted.

There seems to be a crisis in the soul of humanity. When this crisis bubbles to the surface, we human beings put many labels on it, such as stress, anxiety or depression. From a spiritual viewpoint depression is a grieving for my true identity. I may have a good intellectual ability and even enjoy fulfilling relationships but … who am I?

Who am I?

We have created a culture in which everything important seems to be on the outside; how we look, the clothes we wear, what we earn and the title on our business card. The result is a profound lack of meaning and purpose, a feeling of emptiness, a deep sadness in the core of our being.

How do we fill this inner black hole, this emptiness? We fill it by being busy.
The frenetic “busyness” is a form of avoidance or denial, which allows us not to look deep within to see what is really going on. Busyness does fill the vacuum, the empty feeling, but only temporarily. The black hole continues to grow bigger and blacker.

With spiritual intelligence I realise that I need to return to my roots to understand "Who am I?"

But is this easy? When I look inside myself, there seems to be a tangle of unprocessed thoughts and feelings. Dealing with this tangle can seem quite daunting. I might be tempted to return to my old forms of denial by losing myself in “work”, in my “busyness”. I might hope that it will all go away.

Losing myself in “work”, in my “busyness”

However, if I maintain my courage and persevere in the task of disentangling the mess of thoughts and feelings, I begin to see that there are three personalities vying for power and control inside me.

These three forms of personality will be described in Part 2; the three forms of “I”…


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