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Spiritual Intelligence & Finding My True Identity Part 2

September 30, 2014


By Charles Hogg, National Co-ordinator,
Brahma Kumaris Australia

Which Is The True “I”?

In Part 1 the three forms of intelligence were described. In Part 2 the three forms of personality vying for power and control in our lives will be described.

With spiritual intelligence I realise that I need to return to my roots to understand "Who am I?"

But is this easy? When I look inside myself, there seems to be a tangle of unprocessed thoughts and feelings. Dealing with this tangle can seem quite daunting. I might be tempted to return to my old forms of denial by losing myself in “work”, in my “busyness”. I might hope that it will all go away.

However, if I maintain my courage and persevere in the task of disentangling the mess of thoughts and feelings, I begin to see that there are three personalities vying for power and control inside me.


1. The first "I" is the one that presents a façade to the world. This "I" can be very clever and can fool most people. This “I” is so clever that it can even fool itself because sometimes this “I” starts to believe that this is truly who “I” am.

This is the ego façade I build up to protect my vulnerable self. This is the “I” of feelings of superiority, which thinks that my understanding is the right understanding, that I am right. This "I" will easily criticise and find fault in others. This “I” craves attention and praise.

It is when the feelings of this “I” start to rule me from the inside that I realise that this ”I” is in charge of me. Whenever I feel insulted, disrespected, undervalued, easily hurt, over-sensitive, I know that the "I" of arrogance is ruling me. I have lost my inner sovereignty. The emptier I feel inside, the more I work on building this mask, on creating the false façade.

2. The second "I" is the vulnerable "I". Behind the mask, behind the façade, lies a vulnerable and fragile self, fearful of being exposed. This "I" can chant various mantras of lack ofself-respect:  “I am not good enough”; “Others are better than I am”; “Others don’t want me”; “Others don’t love me.” This "I" of the lack of self-respect is so fearful of rejection.

Once again, it is when the power of this "I" seeps into my feelings that I know that it is ruling me. I can feel hopeless, inadequate, unworthy and inferior. This “I” distorts my whole outlook on life. It becomes a filter through which I see everything and I am convinced I am seeing reality. But in fact I am being deceived by this false identity I have built up.

So what happens? We swing between the highs of the "I" of arrogance and the lows of the "I" of lack of self-respect.

3. Someone who has spiritual intelligence begins to connect with the original "I", which is the soul. This is my eternal and permanent identity. When I connect with and taste the feelings of my permanent identity, it is like coming home to where I really belong.

I am a soul, a point of life energy residing in the middle of the brain, behind the forehead. I adopt a physical body and work through it in this physical world. When I forget myself and think I am my body, this is when the games of ups and downs begin with the many fluctuations between ego and lack of self-respect.

Becoming aware of myself as a soul, that is, being “soul-conscious” is the middle path. Rather than swinging from the ego "highs" and the lack of self-respect "lows", I experience my eternal self, the soul. When I realise the true self and experience it, I automatically experience peace.

Research shows that 80% of Australians believe that they are something more than a body but they are not sure what they are.

Meditation is the skill and practice of converting belief into experience.

A deep and stable feeling of peace

This is the new intelligence: not just to know and believe but to have a powerful experience of the permanent self, the true identity, which is the soul. The natural
by-product of experiencing oneself as the soul is a deep and stable feeling of peace.
It becomes a natural state and not merely a fleeting experience.

Once I have established a strong experience of myself as a soul, I have built a platform to communicate with God. This sense of union with God is called Raja Yoga. The aim of Raja Yoga is to link the mind and feelings to God. God is seen as the Supreme Soul, also merely a point of light and yet an unlimited source of love, peace and power.

As the eternal soul, I absorb my whole being in the beauty of the Supreme. This loving connection initiates a deep healing and a return to an ongoing experience of myself in my true identity as a soul.

This is the practice of spiritual intelligence, the art and skill of using thoughts to create feelings of love, peace and happiness.

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