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Start Now with Positive Attitude

November 9, 2013

Expresses your objective in positive terms. Say only what you want. It is forbidden to say what you don’t want. Remember, express your goals positively.

Be as specific as far as possible. Use all your senses to describe in detail the results that you want. Work in great detail, sensations, emotions, verbalizations and views, thus empowering beliefs to the mental field.

BE in control. Your goals should be initiated and maintained by you. Stay in the direction, the driver is you. Drive your car to the destination that you have planned. Don’t depend on other people’s changes. Allow yourself to conquer your happiness with inner peace, acquiring flexibility in the face of life.

Analyze whether your goals are ecologically healthy. Design in the future the consequences. Is it ethical to you, with other people, with the planet.

Put yourself in action, take the first step, with enthusiasm, assuming responsibility for their achievements. Start your list now, don’t leave anything for later. Delay is a harmful movement that only leads to feelings of frustration and lost time.

Decide with discretion, have a clear internal representation of what you want for your life, this program your mind and your body to achieve the results that you even stipulated.
Your attitude determines your success!

Article by : Jawahar Gupta