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Superintendent Wayne Cox, commander of Parramatta Local Area Command, talks to desi.com.au in regards to Mrs Prabha Kumar’s Brutal Murder

March 10, 2015
Mrs Prabha Arun Kumar

Deeply concerned about the horrific stabbing of Mrs Prabha Arun Kumar, in Sydney on Saturday night, on behalf of desi.com.au I talked to Superintendent Wayne Cox, commander of Parramatta Local Area Command and asked him few questions.

Here I am sharing his answers with you. Please feel free to share your thoughts, feelings and any question you have might have, in the comment box. The police are supporting us fully and is ready to answer any questions which they possibly can.


  • When did  Mrs Prabha Arun Kumar’s husband arrive in Sydney?Victim’s husband arrived in Australia on Sunday evening and he was staying overnight in Sydney.
  • Have the police talked to the husband who apparently was on phone with her when the incident happened? He may have heard the killer’s voice which may give some clues about the killer/motive behind It?At this point in time I am unable to qualify that question and this matter is still under police investigation and certainly police is looking at whole range of aspects.
  • Does her husband want the community to do anything?The husband has not asked for any specific kind of support however I am able to advise that he has been visited by the Indian Consul general and he is certainly offering support to him and victim’s brother as well.
  • Did she have any relatives here in Sydney?Not that I am aware of and it is very early to say anything as we are still getting lot of information coming in.
  • When was the last time she went back to India, she has been here in Australia for nearly 4 years.There are lines of enquiry that we are undertaking as the part of investigation, unable to give any more information.
  • How close are you to cracking the case?It’s really early at this time, it’s only been 48 hours into the investigation and it takes a lot of information and collection of evidence to actually form an investigation. We are looking at the whole lot of possibilities and we are keeping very open mind in regards to investigation as it is very important that we don’t oversight any piece of information as we look at every information piece as an individual piece and then move through that process. We are hopeful that we are going to get the result but you would appreciate that it takes time and to make sure we collected the right evidence to support a case when we catch the person who has done this crime.
  • A lot of Indians come overseas in search of work and bring a wealth of talent with them… What would the police say to their families given this has happened?This matter is certainly a matter of significance and it’s really awful situation where the victim has fell in. For families and people travelling to Australia, I would say Australia is a land of opportunity and welcoming country, we do get crimes committed and this is unfortunately that time. The quality of migrants that we get from India is very high standards and very well qualified and we will embrace them in.
  • Sydney has been become very unsafe over the past few years, what would you say about this ?I firmly believe that NSW police and other government agencies are doing a fantastic job in reducing crime but you only have to look at few crimes in regards to property offences, violent offences and we are declining in the crime rate. NSW is a very safe place to live.
  • What are the steps been taken to make the park more secure?At this stage we have a Crime prevention officer who works at the command and currently organising with the council to do safer design of the park, which includes the safety aspects, lighting aspects and a whole range of other things and that can improve the usage of park by the community in general.
  • Any other security advises that you would like to give to the public, especially the women who travel at night?There is no cause to do anything more different than what you are actually doing at the moment and you need to be aware of your environment that you are moving through. Be aware of the surrounding and if you feel unsafe or there is a problem and if you see something that need to be reported you should be immediately calling 000 and getting the Police involved.

    Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: https://nsw.crimestoppers.com.au/ Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter page.

Superintendent Wayne Cox, commander of Parramatta Local Area Command

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