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Sydney’s Central Station Turns Multicoloured

March 25, 2015

The month of March is celebrated as ‘Harmony Month’ in Australia, with several ‘Harmony Day’ events scattered throughout the month.

Our own Varun Tiwari, popularly known as ‘Australia’s best Bollywood Dancer’ has been busy performing across the state’s train network.

Varun and his troupe of colourful, enthusiastic dancers have performed Bollywood and Punjabi folk dances (Bhangra) on local train stations at Leppington, Lidcombe, Central, North Sydney and Parramatta.

Daily peak hour commuters were pleasantly surprised by the riot of colourful costumes and the energetic, rhythmic beat of Bollywood songs which was impossible to ignore. Many among them found it hard to resist and joined in the celebrations, shaking a leg to the infectious beat.

The local staff and the officers also took the cue and joined the group. It was a colourful, joyous and inspiring sight to watch a mix of diverse cultures grooving to a single beat.

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