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The Dark Knight Rises

November 11, 2014

17th November 2014, will be a date which many people will not forget in a hurry.

A certain gentleman going by the nomenclature of Narendra Modi, the prime minister of the largest democracy of the world who has taken the world by storm literally and metaphorically is coming down under and the world is waiting with tremendous anticipation and excitement on what this trip will unfold and bring.

The Sydney siders are waiting with bated breath for this smart, suave and nattily dressed Virgo prime minister who looks the part and walks the talk in more ways than one… Yes the world is his stage and he is the kind of leader India always wanted and now that we have him leading the country so assertively let’s celebrate him.

Narendra Modi or Namo as he is called by the online media has gained the respect of admirers as well as arm chair critics for the way he has handled problems, taken them head on using his oratory and execution skills to great effect.

The Indian Australian community foundation is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring all the fans of Narendra Modi get a flavour of what this charming leader is all about with respect to the trials and tribulations he encountered as a grassroot BJP worker..what with arranging a train dubbed as ” Modi express ” decorated in Indian tricolour balloons which would depart from Melbourne’s Southern cross station for Sydney on 16th Nov accommodating 220 eager beaver Modi fans with tasty Gujarati food being served throughout the journey. A community reception has been planned for the charismatic prime minster where he would touch upon not for profit cooperation between Australia and India, advancing the shared values of democracy, inclusive economic growth and mutual respect which will also see a good participation from the business community of Pakistan. The prime minster has also asked people through the online forums on what topics he should cover which just goes to show the dynamic persona and credibility he carries. I would like to sum up what Narendra Modi is all about in this line from a superhero movie which celebrated a dark knight ” it’s not who we are underneath but what we do defines us ” versatile, enigmatic, assertive, thought provoking, action oriented. That’s Narendra Modi for you.

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Shekhar Vijayan