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June 14, 2014

Desi.com.au journalist Lalitha Chellappan talks to Dr Raviraj Ahirrao to give you an insight into the mystics of Vastushastra.

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao is known to be an immensely vibrant proponent of Vastushastra and its benefits to human life all over the World. Vastushastra as we know is based on ancient Indian scriptures and is also widely acknowledged as a viable Metaphysical Science .

With headquarters in India and presence in many countries around the world, join Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao as he shares with us some interesting aspects of Vastushastra and the way it is practiced in today’s times Dr. Ahirrao has also authored many books on the subject apart from providing relief to thousands of families ridden by the imbalance of elements in their homes as well as to many industrialists plagued by obstacles in their businesses. He has also trained a number of Vastu Experts who have found a lucrative self employment.

Q: If you were to author the book Vastu Shastra for Dummies how would you describe this modality in a few words?

A: Science has to be based on proven aspects on various platforms and hold good for years together to gain acceptance from people. Vastushastra is one such science which has existed for at least 25-50 thousand years, and has been consistent and with an inherent gene to be worthy of people’s trust . Vastushastra has thus been time tested for hundreds of generations.

Vastushastra brings natural vibes such as gravity, electro-magnetic field as well as Universal and cosmic energy to your life and existence. Thus all these energies benefit you everywhere, whether inside homeor outside.

A happy and a tranquil environment gives way to a pleasing attitude which spans dimensions such as productivity, creativity and efficiency. Everyone agrees that these are essential for prosperity and progress.

Vastushastra is a science which influences inflow of wealth, growth and stability, health, academic progress, progeny, career growth, harmony, coordination, team spirit with a binding force and most importantly all these are brought through peace of mind.

Q: What is the origin of Vastu Shastra? Does it come from the Hindu Vedic scriptures?

A: The most ancient references about Vastushastra are found in one of the FOUR scriptures titled ATHARVAVEDA. This scripture also provides a scientific basis for aviation and other sciences and technology. This scripture contains detailed chapters on Muhurt Martanda (Auspicious Moments) as well as Civil and Architectural Engineering apart from technologies.

Another ancient text of MATSYA PURANA has been authored by 18 most eminent deities and saints with more than 250 treatises containing details about Vastushastra including areas such as Town Planning.

Lord Vishwakarma is considered to be the pioneer of Vastushastra and has been named as the Developer, Architect and Interior Designer for the Gods and Goddesses. It may therefore be concluded that the emergence and proliferation of Vastushastra has been from the most ancient Vedic period validated for many technologies of the present era.

Q: Would you call Vastu Shastra a science or a spiritual philosophy? If it’s the latter, does it work as well for atheists?

A: To be precise Vastushastra is in essence a form of Metaphysical Science. The word meta meaning spirituality and physical meaning a practical science.

To consider it in a different perspective it is the science that bestows the luxuries of life and it is spirituality that provides peace of mind and satisfaction.

There is unanimity on the fact that both luxuries and peace of mind are essential for human life and hence they together make human life complete in all respects. Individually neither of these can bring totality of life.

Scientific perspective of Vastushastra is based on the FIVE natural Elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky as well as EIGHT directions namely East, North, West, South, NorthEast, NorthWest, SouthWest, and SouthEast again based on nature. It has been proved that anything that is based on nature has a rational cause, normativeness and universal application. This is the reason that they benefit the humankind. All these specifics are fully satisfied by Vastushastra. Therefore whether a person is Atheist or Non-atheist or Black or White, the FIVE elements and EIGHT directions remain universal for everyone on this planet. One can therefore definitely say that this science is useful and beneficial for the entire world.

Q: Is it true that Vastu’s main focus at the start was on the sacred architecture of Hindu temples, while one of Feng Shui’s oldest applications was the yin Feng Shui which is the Feng Shui of cemeteries? How do they compare?

A :

A : The answer to the first part of the question is definitely NO. The entire treatise and emphasis of Vastushastra since ages has not been just on the temples but on every form of habitat premises that are used by the human beings. If we take a look at the various specimens in the scriptures, Vastu has been the driving force whether it’s a home or a workplace, a leaf-thatched roof abode of the saints, or a residential school – called Gurukul in that era which was esentially an abode of the Teacher where students arrive and study various subjects. Vastushastra has focused on the halls and auditoriums for assembly of people in small and large numbers, the chariots for special occasions and even town planning. Town planning has considered details of the location of water reservoirs to fulfil the needs of the residents as well as the placement of water bodies for entertainment purposes. The treatise provided planned layouts for education, health and other necessities of a society.

In fact the most famous scripture in this case would be MANASAR which deals with structures from a small home to a complete Town Planning layout. Another similarly impressive treatise MAYMATAM has a detailed discussion right from the selection of the land for a particular purpose to selection of materials on quality aspects as well as application information about the materials. These are just a samples of the vast quantum of ancient literature that is available from scriptures.

As far as the Feng Shui is concerned, various literatures available suggest conclusively that the concept was initiated on the basis of cemeteries. According to the Indian scriptures, it was Lord Gautam Buddha on his entourage to the eastern countries carried the essence of Vastu knowledge and philosophy to these countries. While he propagated the same, it was the eminent local scholars and philosophers from these countries who discussed the concepts propagated by Lord Gautam Buddha and considering the geographical aspects and based on their assimilation of the concept brought in Feng Shui.

Comparison of Vastushastra vis-a-vis Feng Shui is a very huge and complicated topic to be discussed in this Q and A format. However the main difference between the two can be cited as Vastushastra is applicable to the community and family whereas Feng Shui considers individual at the core.

Vastushastra considers every member of the family irrespective of his age, education or occupation and allocates a specific direction for him/her either at home or workplace. Through the scriptures we can find the best suited direction for the person so as to ensure development and prosperity in the individually chosen field. In comparison to this the Feng Shui considers the date of birth of the head of the family and goes by it. Hence the premises are then designed based on the approach for individualistic consideration. It can thus be seen that other members of the family are not considered and hence cannot equally reap the benefits of design meant for the head of the family. In a sense may seen unjust other members of the family.

All said and done, there are many similarities, common factors and also equally important distinctions between Vastushastra and Feng Shui. Just as all religions aim at one and the only truth, whether it is Vastushastra or Feng Shui, both have a completely similar objective at the core of their concept. The objective is precisely to ensure harmony and prosperity in human life irrespective of any denominational difference. I would like to conclude by stating that the ways are different but the sole objective of both Vastushastra and Feng Shui has always remained the same.

Q: Does having a home which is Vastu compatible alter the vibrations of the people living in it?

A: In this Universe everything is composed of frequencies and hence everything depends on vibrations. You will be surprised to know that even the solid rocks have vibrations within just as trees and human beings. What differs is the rate of vibration. The matter is at the lower end and the energy is at the higher end of vibrations.

Ancient wisdom tells us that all manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will, desire or any mental state or condition are accompanied by vibrations. These vibrations are said to be transmitted to the area around them in the same way heat radiates outward from a hot object.

While understanding this we also know that a positive atmosphere gives rise to a positive mindset which then delivers higher productivity, efficiency and results.

Vastushastra is based on Nature with 5 elements, 8 directions and all types of energies influencing the human life in definite terms. Take the case of morning sun with Ultra Violet rays provide a  hygienic atmosphere. More inflow of  morning sunrays  more the hygiene will naturally prevail. The sunrays after 12 noon onwards bring more of the Infra-Red rays which are hazardous to human health. It is thus better to avoid these rays in the premises as far as possible.

Vastushastra principles place prestigious importance on placement of various essential components of a home based on directions stated in the ancient scriptures.

Thus a Master Bedroom located in the SouthWest ensures stability, confidence and leadership. The NorthEast as per Vastushastra ensures good wealth inflow, academic progress and favourable atmosphere for health.

Vastu arrangements in the SouthEast of your premises accelerate the growth ensured by the NorthEast. Northwest on the other hand ensures relationship, communication, harmony and co-ordination. The central Brahma region delegated as per the principles of Vastushastra will ensure excellent bonding and binding as well as team spirit.

In short every direction and every element has a vibration attached to it. These are then inherently attached to the human being. Since the universe is also made up of vibration at the deepest level and the matter that is the universe can be affected and changed just by our attention, the vibration of our thoughts are sure to affect very substance of the universe and everyone around you. In other words, every aspect of human life is influenced by Vastushastra and every vibration brought by living in a Vastu compatible home is bound to make the vibrations positive.

Q: A philosophy that has gained wide acceptance is about what we are from within and how our thoughts impact the Universe. How does an external environment influence this and where does Vastu step in?

A: It has been an accepted fact every human being or any being for that matter while arriving in this world brings  predesigned genes or a DNA with him/her. Scientists have also argued that the cosmic rays could reveal that we are indeed living in a simulated world. It has also been argued that whether or not your thoughts impact the Universe they can definitely affect and impact your surroundings and thus your happiness. If happiness is taken as one of the most essential factors for a fulfilling life, we must accept that we are guided not only by the genes we carry but these genes are further affected by the surroundings they are placed in. Surroundings in fact definitely help a life to excel in capabilities bestowed on it. The stronger becomes the strongest, the normal goes above average and the below average achieves an average positive attitude. Improvement of performance therefore can be definitely be linked to the surrounding factors as well the energies at play. Vastushastra defines these energies by 8 directions and the 5 natural elements delegated within any premises be it residential, commercial or industrial in nature.

In effect we can say that Vastushastra amalgamates the arithmetic of all aspects of human wellbeing. As soon as a human being arrives on earth he  or she is subjected to external influences. If these influences are made safe through a Vastu compliant home in the beginning, his life starts on a positive note and can tolerate and negate the unwanted influences from the external forces at work.

Q: Continuing on the same lines, even if we are living in a Vastu compliant home, when we go out we come in contact with people of all kind of energies. Do we tend to transform them through the good energies that come from living in a Vastu aligned home or are we likely to end up bringing the energies back home with us and Vastu neutralizes them?

A: It is true that Vastushastra cannot create an individual protective layer or a protective aura for every individual who stays in a Vastu compliant home. In fact this is almost an unheard of tasks that can be fulfilled by any method.

However one must understand that the advantage of living in a Vastu compliant home is getting bestowed with a positive energy to a greater extent than those who do not have a vastu compliant residence.

As per scientific facts it has been proved that energy always flows from a higher level to a lower level. As has been said earlier, staying in a Vastu compliant home bestows you with a higher level of energy. When you move out and address a person who does not have this level of energy, naturally the flow of energy takes place from you to him. If the person with you is also staying in a Vastu compliant home the energies are virtually equal and hence the harmony and coordination is reached quickly resulting in a better efficiency and productivity in whatever work you carry out together. With a person with higher positive energy in your contact the energies are shared and you are a gainer. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can be converted. Bad or negative energy can be overpowered with a positive energy instantaneously. Hence the concept of bringing back the negative energies to home cannot hold ground.

One must always say that when a person returns from outside to his home, the vibes of the home and the family duly compensate for the bad vibes he/she may have faced outside. With a Vastu compliant home he/she gets a still better chance to recharge as the natural elements and directional positivity in the home provide an additional benefit.

You are thus ready to take on the challenge next day with renewed positive energy to every place whether it is somebody’s home or your commercial or industrial premises. Vastushastra  thus enhances the positive energies at every possible premises of human interface.

Q: For those who are already living in their own homes, can making subtle Vastu changes improve their lives if structural changes aren’t possible?

A: Indian Vastushastra is a highly comprehensive and effective science that synchronies balance between human life and nature. All our Saints and Sages have directed their divine powers towards making the human life comfortable and that they have tendered solutions for each and every facet of human life. Likewise Vastushastra science also aims at, among others, bettering the human life and ameliorating the hurdles through the implementation and compliance with Vastushastra principles. Indian Vastushastra derives its force from ancient doctrines, principles and practices and various facets – Five basic elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky), the Eight directions, the Electro – magnetic and the Gravitational force of the earth, the Cosmic energy emanating from the planets and their influence on human life- have been dealt with in it. In short, it is a metaphysical edifice science and it contains solutions for any type of premises. Through many years of studies coupled with practical experience, we have developed remedial materials which can be used to modify the defects without costly structural changes. Further, the remedial measures are under taken on time basis in general and we claim that notwithstanding the level of positivity/negativity in Vastu, the Vastu defects can be neutralized and Vastu can be made positive even from 0% positivity to 95% positivity through the remedial measures. As a strong believer in spirituality, God is not only in scriptures but dwells in everything and Vastushastra cannot be an exception. Let us cultivate reverence for it.

Q. What are the benefits of hiring a Vastu expert as compared to what one can do oneself based on self study?

A: I have already mentioned above that Indian Vastushastra is a highly comprehensive science and any short sighted or short circuited approach may not help you in mastering the subject. Self medication may not yield the desired results and may prove to be dangerous. Your efforts will not be complete without  mentoring by a specialist who has reached the top in the field. A self learned man having no practical experience is likely to commit some mistakes of minor or major nature which can lead to a problem situation. It is therefore, felt that a person who is well experienced and has deeply studied the subject and enriched his knowledge through practice over the years is consulted before finally deciding the case. It will have deepening effect. For example a novice will not be able to deal with the case involving entrance in the south of south east or west of north west but a well experienced and practising Vastushastra expert will promptly come to your rescue with solutions as he is intimately connected with the subject. It is not a layman’s job. I can only quote a terminology Caveat Emptor’s (Buyers beaware).

Q:What kind of services do you offer to people living overseas? Can they avail of them without a personal visit by you?

 We help you in

a. Selection of New Premises

b. Neutralizing Vastu defects in the existing premises through the effective use of remedial measures which do not envisage any structural changes.

c. Planning and Designing of premises.

We can a hold detailed discussion on related issues over telephone or we can communicate with you electronically. Particularly in case of Australia we are pleased to inform you that we have already posted Mr.Sharad Pathak who is already well equipped with and well informed in the subject. He has been practicing as Vastu Expert for last four years and has grasped the subject fully. His services can be available to you anytime with ease. Further, I visit Australia two to three times in a year and utilizes my visits for providing guidance to those who need it and the purpose of my such visit is to propagate the cause of Vatushastra.Those having queries or difficulties are welcome to appproah me for Solutions.We also offer online services including online shopping for our remedial products.

Q. Could you share some examples of situations where your clients’ home or office fronts have changed their lives after using your services?

A: We undertake consultancy in respect of residential, commercial, religious premises and we take pride in informing you that there are thousands of cases in which the families have been enjoying healthy, positive and congenital atmosphere in their  home. Bad luck has been transformed into good fortune after remedial measures were undertaken. Families have progressed. In case of commercial premises,  business activities have shown signs of progress recovery, funds flows have improved, legal and other problems have been removed, relationship management has been perfected. In short from languishing situation, it have turned into win-win situation as a result of Vastushastra Compliance. There are several such examples in Australia .

Q. You recently congratulated Mr Narendra Modi on your Face book page on his victory in the Indian elections. Have you ever analysed his home or office from a Vastu standpoint and if so could you share your thoughts?

As an active citizens of our country we all look at Narendra Modi as a leader to reckon with and majority of the countrymenbelieve, that under his stewardship our country would be another super power in the world in terms of commerce, trade, education, human values, defence, civil liberty, etc. As a salute to a leader of the masses I congratulated him on my Facebook on his landslide victory in general election in the country. I have had no opportunities in the past to evaluate his Vastu. But I am hoping to meet him in future and discuss this science with him as we are dealing with several government organizations. It is essential to mention here that I had the privilege of visiting Mr.Narendra Modi in the past and present Shree Yantra to him. I strongly believe that this Shree Yantra which is our religiously anointed product must have energized him and helped him to rise to this level.

Q. Finally, do you believe in karma and therefore what goes around comes around? If so, can Vastu Shastra change what we are meant to go through or does it simply help alter our approach to how we look at things?

A: Yes I believe in Karma which embraces both past and the present. Our present state is the result of the past. Through the practice of spirituality you can overcome the lows of the present. While karma is intimately connected with the spirituality, Vastushastra science is an ideology. There is great similarity between both the sciences particularly when it comes to wellbeing of humanity. Spirituality makes Vastushastra science perfect. And its implementation brings about perceptible change even in your attitudes to look at life differently. One can say karma decides your destiny Getting Vastu depends on destiny but encashing the benefits of Vastu is in our hands. I would say conservatively 50% destiny depends on the almighty and 50% is Vastushastra  so make use of vastushastra to make your life happy.

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