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April 2, 2014

Meet Annu the new author of desi.com’s fashion articles

Hello readers,

So before we begin the fashion articles I thought I’d take this chance to introduce myself. My names Annu, I am an Australian born Indian and the owner of G.I.V.D Styles – an online based Indian boutique specializing in Indian apparel and accessories.

I have been running G.I.V.D for 7years now and have often been asked by customers to start my own YouTube channel to give fashion advice especially with Indian wear. During the past 7years I have dressed numerous customers and helped them get ready for their special events. The greatest demands have always been for unique saree draping’s or learning the secrets to choosing the right colours and patterns.

Now thanks to desi.com I am able to share my knowledge on a greater scale. In the weeks to come I will be sharing tips and tricks on the most flattering drape and the hottest trends to be sporting. From Bollywood to Hollywood and I hope to have your wardrobe dilemmas sorted.

For now my best advice and my ground rule for fashion is K.I.S.S

Keep It Simple Sweety!
Until then keep it stylish,

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