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Youth Ambassadors for IABCA

August 26, 2014

The India Australia Business and Community Awards are fast approaching and we spoke to the fabulous team of Youth Ambassadors.

To view our full list of youth ambassadors click on https://www.iabca.com.au/8/ambassadors/

The India Australia Business and Community Awards will portray and promote leaders who contribute so much to the subcontinent and broader Australian society and celebrate their success. Acknowledging the achievements of those in the specific ‘youth’ categories is a great way to engage with, encourage and empower our young leaders of tomorrow.

By acknowledging the talents of our youth on such a grand scale is a step forward in providing important avenues for increased youth participation and hopefully inspire others along the way.

I especially reached out to our young achievers and encouraged them to put in submissions through social media which was very effective, but also at a person-to-person level at all the various cultural functions I attend. This has been a great way to engage at a personal level and develop an ongoing relationship because I am sure many of those who were nominated will go far, and I look forward to following their endeavours and future success.

Appointing ‘Youth Ambassadors’ also encourages more people from diverse backgrounds to be involved in the Awards as these Ambassadors individually connect with their communities and target their network of people. It’s great to see how the Ambassadors have been acknowledged as young leaders by the organisers of the Awards. For me though, it reminds me of a quote by Jack Welch "When you were made a leader you weren’t given a crown, you were given the responsibility to bring out the best in others.” So to be appointed as a Youth Ambassador is an absolute pleasure and privilege, but above all our responsibility is to bring out the best in others and encourage as many people as possible to get involved along the way. Aisha Amjad

“Through my role with Cricket Australia and broader community involvement I am fortunate to engage with the Indian Community every day and therefore it’s been enjoyable to speak to friends about the India Australia Business & Community Awards. In all instances there has been tremendous excitement around the awards. The opportunity to nominate the many Australian Indian’s who excel in our society everyday across a myriad of facets be it the arts, business, academia and/or community work has been taken up with tremendous fervour. The number of nominations received is a great endorsement from the community for the awards and what they seek to do – acknowledge and celebrate the achievement of the Indian diaspora in Australia. I am certainly looking forward to joining friends in celebrating the achievements of our fellow Australians at what should be a spectacular evening of dance, colour, glamour and no doubt fine food and company”. Sam Almaliki

 “Congratulates the organisers of the India Australia Business and Community Awards 2014 (IABCA) on their success in receiving over 100 nominations. I have engaged youth through social media and engaged them via community television on the awards. I have encouraged youth to nominate and showcase their excellence and potential. Youth are our future – As the generation before nurtures us, we need to nurture them, to enhance the success of society and Australia-India relations. The Indian-Australian Youth are excelling well in HSC studies, university placements, scholarships, sport, arts, music and also growing Australia’s link into Bollywood – I wish all the nominees the very best” Paul McKenzie

"IABCA awards are a testament to the commitment and hard work of individuals and businesses that have made a significant difference to our society. Youth participation for IABCA nominations has always been encouraged and empowered as a highly valued means of networking, community contribution and collaborating together as young leaders to mark the inauguration of this unique celebratory event supporting a great cause." Divya Dhingra

"As a second generation Australian of Indian origin, I promoted IABCA to vast networks that I know from school, university & workplaces, and community organisations that I have been involved with such as the Rotary Club. I spoke directly to these networks or asked them to publish information about IABCA in their newsletters to encourage youth to nominate." Pallavi Sinha

"Youth are not a ‘one size fits all’ group, we need to think outside the box and underground when looking to engage & recognize them for their time, thoughts, opinions and input. All young people have “The X-factor”, but finding roles and responsibility to draw out that X-factor in a young person may take time and persistence, thus engaging with the India Australia Business and Community Awards (IABCA) brought out the hidden talents and treasures young people are holding.” Dr. Eman Sharobeem

I reached out to people I know who deserve to be recognised for their work and encouraged them to put their hand up. Ruchir Punjabi

Recognition is priceless. Being acknowledged is motivating and fulfilling. Through the IABCA we hoped to keep motivating youth to continue achieving and be included in the awards for years to come, whilst we learnt more about the talented, inspiring and savvy youth living in our community.  The enthusiasm and excitement that I encountered whilst educating youth about IABCA was warming. We are so lucky to be amongst some of the pioneers in a range of industries. Dr Maala Lal

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