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The Key to Success

November 27, 2017

What is success?
If you are wealthy, but have poor health, are you successful?
If you have wealth and health, but are not happy, are you successful?
If you are poor and healthy, and are happy, are you successful?

So, what is success?
Is wealth alone success? How do you measure success?
What would you say?

If you have everything but are not satisfied, are not happy, what’s the point of attaining
that wealth? Have all those sleepless nights and long hard days been worth it,
if you have not found satisfaction or happiness in the process?
If you are wealthy but unloved and alone, has everything been worthwhile?

So many people complain, day in, day out. Nothing to them is satisfactory.
If you look at their lives, you might even feel envious.

People may be relatively wealthy. They may have understanding partners. They may have healthy, intelligent children. They may have two cars and five weeks of paid annual leave, steady jobs, good health, intelligence, and live in good neighbourhoods… and, and, and…

There may be so many pluses in their lives and yet they will complain about them all: their partners are too demanding; their children aren’t good enough; their homes are too small; their cars are two years old; their jobs are boring, and so on.

Aren’t they lucky to have jobs? Aren’t they lucky to have partners to share their lives?
Aren’t they lucky to have healthy and intelligent children?
Aren’t they lucky to have not one but two cars?
My goodness! If you had all these things in your life, why wouldn’t you feel content?

Those who are not content while having so much, will never be content, no matter how much their partners do for them, no matter how hard the children try to please them, no matter how many possessions they have. Four cars, six cars, ten cars – still not enough!

It’s not what others do for you. It’s not what you have. It’s not about having control over others. If you think that these things will make you happy, there will be no end to your search for happiness.

You make your own happiness. Draw it in the sand with driftwood. A wave may wash it away today. So draw your happiness again the next day. “Today I’m going to be happy. i will not allow anyone to take away my happiness.
I will not be disturbed by what others say or do. I will remain happy.”

No one can make you happy, if you refuse to be content with who you are, if you refuse to be content with others and content with what you have.

Count your blessings or they may disappear. Appreciate what you have, while you have it. Be satisfied with what others give you. They are demonstrating their love for you. Show appreciation or they may leave you alone to regret what you have lost. Broken hearts are not easily mended.

Children grow up with the memories of being ill-treated and unloved. Love them, however they perform at school. School days come to an end but the love will never be forgotten, and the children will stay close to you in your old age and take care of you in return.

Material possessions become old. So will you. But those you appreciate will love you no matter what.

What is the true measure of success? It is contentment. It’s being satisfied, being happy. Whether rich or poor, healthy or not, alone or in a crowd, a contented soul has everything. Choose to be satisfied. Choose to be content. Choose happiness. Then your whole life will be successful, whether you are rich or poor, healthy or not, alone or in a crowd.

Contentment with life is the sign of true success.

But how do you find contentment?
How can you be satisfied, if your life is far from perfect?
How can you be happy, if you are alone?
Happiness, contentment, feeling satisfied with what you have – these are all choices.
Yes, these are all choices that we ourselves make.
So make a decision. Choose happiness.

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The Brahma Kumaris have had a presence in Australia since 1975.
There are centres and class locations in the major cities, as well as three Centres for Spiritual Learning, where courses, classes and retreats are held.

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