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The *Mandalas of Madhalsa

May 16, 2015

“I’m a dreamer and my passion lies in being a surrealist painter. Teaching how to paint and weaving mandalas comes naturally to me. I love sharing the know how of this skill with others. This helps the learners express their real essencethrough the art of creation.

Here is the link to my work, a prayer to the Divine:

I was just 5 years old I would say with total conviction, “One day I will be a painter and live on an island”. Never having studied art, I started to paint on canvas at the age of 15, when my mother’s friend left a whole lot of oil paints at our home. The rest is history.

And…then I discovered Ibiza (Spain). Soon everything fell into place….the colors,the sky, the red land, the shiny yellow flowers in winter time!! I find it so inspiring to stay here and am so glad of it everyday!

Ibiza to me, is like a mother sharing a warm, comforting, loving, secure hug with her child and that’s exactly what theabove paintingis talking about…

To feed my soul with things that make me happy deepinside and to share it with others,thus spreading thehappiness is what my spiritual purpose is all about.

A *Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the Universe. I find it to be an amazingly creative meditation to weave mandalas!

The plan is to have a cooperative working ceaselessly towards educating kids about the finer things in life and ‘creating art’ certainly tops that list.

My message is simple; the happiness that you seek lies within. Find it, immerse your self in the joys it brings, and share it, for that is the best way to find and serve the Divine”, Madhalsa.

Complied by Guneeta Kaur:

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