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the spark royal anglo indian ball

March 15, 2014

“THE SPARK ROYAL ANGLO INDIAN BALL” in Blacktown was held by Elaine Roach and Terry Morris Misra of Spark Homes, a part of Spark Group of companies (Dubai Based) for the Anglo-Indian Community. The aim of this ball was to bring together and unite all Anglo-indians and Anglo-indian associations as one, as we are a vibrant and wonderful community with common interests. , spread over many continents. This show was held in Blacktown with many Anglo Indians coming together dressed as Kings and Queens, Dukes and Duchesses, Knights and Warriors, Princes and Princesses, Nobel men and Commoners. Many came from interstate and overseas to join in the celebration.

Elaine and Terry share a common interest and passion to bring the community together worldwide. The Show was held on a very grand scale. Everyone was dressed in Royal Theme congregating in a beautifully decorated hall with a huge dance floor. The community love to dance and have a good time,while enjoying good food, wine and entertainment.
Several entertainers from interstate flew in to perform as well, Chris Hupping. (Elvis and Tom Jones Impersonator) from Perth, Terry Morris/Misra. Singer/Songwriter/Producer, The Shuffleboys (Rock n Roll Band)and, Douglas Misra(fantastic saxophonist from Perth). Other entertainment added so much glitz and glamour to the whole event with an outstanding fashion show.

It was one of the best and biggest shows that has ever taken place for the Anglo Indian Community and a good time was had by all who attended and never to be forgotten.

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