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Time To Learn From Leaders-Past & Present and Launch Rockets Of Peace

March 21, 2014

From left to right: Dr. Biswas, Pavan Choudary, Honorable Dalai Lama, Anil Shastri, Anu Anand’

Launching a masterpiece ~ ‘Lala Bahadur Shashtri-Lessons in Leadership’ on 23rd of March at India International Centre, the world spiritual leader His Holiness Dalai Lama with his eternal smile shared, “This small book may teach important lessons of life to everyone-‘peace is the way’. Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India, led this nation courageously during the Indo-Pakistan war (of 1965) and, at the same time, was very committed to solving other problems. I am quite sure that had he lived for a few years more, he could have made significant contributions to this country”.

Recalling his meeting with Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dalai Lama said, “I’m one of the admirers of Shastri. I met him when he was the prime minister. He was really a great man. There was a big contrast between his body and his mind! As far as I observed him, he was a very compassionate man.”

Front & back cover of the book

Anil Shastri (son of Lal Bahadur Shashtri) expressed, “Shastriji’s story is one that needs to be told at multiple levels. He has left behind a legacy that is hard to match. When the book is read by millions in India, I am certain it will leave them inspired,”

Full House

Educationist and columnist Pavan Choudhary described the subject of their book as “The original ‘aam aadmi’ who lived an unpretentious life and rose to be prime minister despite his humble background and without bending the rules. I see Lal Bahadur Shashtri as a wise man, with the courage of a general and the compassion of a saint. His spirituality lay in his concern for the other man, service of the other man. Shashtri taught us to live and lead with dignity and honour. Writing this book on him has been an intellectually stimulating and heart-warming experience for me”.

Pavan Choudary, Honorable Dalai Lama, Anil Shastri

The book, published by Wisdom Village Publications, is available at leading bookstores and on online retail. It is priced at Rs 195.

An Indian politician, social activist and educationist, armed with a qualification in Economics from the prestigious St. Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi and in Management from the United Kingdom, Anil Shastri had a stellar career at Voltas for close to 17 years. Born to India’s second Prime Minister, Mr. Shastri had inherited a legacy in which service to society and nation was considered as part of one’s quintessential duty, he represents the Indian National Congress and is a Special Invitee to the Congress Working Committee, as also the Chairman of the Hindi Department of All India Congress Committee and the Chairman of the esteemed Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management.

Let us take a peek into the workings of Mr Pavan Choudary, Managing Director of Vygon, CEO, Motivational Speaker, Author, TV host, columnist as he moves onto the next natural stage of his life with his latest book ‘Lala Bahadur Shashtri-Lessons in Leadership’ co-authored by the highly respected congress man Anil Shastri, released by none other than the Honourable Dalai Lama.

Pavan says, “Dalai Lama is the perfect individual to release the book for it is about a man who despite his humble beginnings became the Prime Minister of India through his wisdom. Dalai Lama to me is also a paragon of wisdom who has made the most of the difficult circumstances he inherited. Both Lal Bahadur Shastri and Dalai Lama are unpretentious and spiritually awakened”.

Pavan Choudary shares a few thoughts with us on…

Books and Travel:

Guneeta, I believe that most of the learning in life comes from books, new friends (even though old is gold) and travel.

Wisdom Village Publications:

I am a mentor to this publishing house. It only publishes ‘good’ books. Quick on its feet it also does a fairly good job at production and promotion.

Scientific experimentations conducted under your guidance:

The reason behind the scientific experimentation is to understand the epiphany and our unmistakable connection with the cosmic spiral and the real process of knowing thyself. I wish to distil the truth from traditional lore by trying to de-condition myself and looking at the world with fresh eyes.

Working with Kiran Bedi:
Heart warming.
The mantra to authoring a book:

Pavan sits on some of the most respected advisory boards of India. A much sought after Management Strategist, he has recently been appointed as the Chairman of CII’s Medical Equipment Division. Adding to his bandwidth, Pavan also hosts the nation building TV show Hum Aisey Kyun Hain on Doordarshan and has written columns for The Times of India and the Financial Chronicle.

A seasoned healthcare expert, other than the CII’s Medical equipment division (MLED), Pavan also chairs the Healthcare Committee of the European Business Group in India. He is an established speaker and addresses various healthcare workshops across India on issues like Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare and Safe Neonatal Vascular Access.

Coaching is his passion and he enjoys training leaders as he feels that when one of them transforms, the lives of hundreds under him blossom too. He has often spoken at the IIMs, other prestigious institutes in India and abroad, several top companies of the world, as well as at the Indian Police Academy and the IAS Academy.


Signs of all what Pavan would accomplish were visible right from his early years. He was born in the quiet town of Sagar, located in Madhya Pradesh at his grandfather’s house. His Grandfather was a wise, compassionate and respectable builder. Pavan spent several years of his childhood with him. Pavan was extremely sharp, eager to learn more and restless. Every few years he would find his school wanting and would insist that he be shifted to another school. He went to at least five different schools till he finally settled at St. Joseph’s Convent School, Sagar the same convent school as his mother had gone to many years earlier.

His mother is an intellectually evolved lady who indelibly imprinted his impressionable mind. The nuns at his school often compared him to his mother and alas, found him wanting. Why? Pavan, like his mother, was also a bright and sensitive student but that is where the similarity ended. He was a naughty boy and a prankster to the core. Several times, he was on the verge of being thrown out of the school.


Once he was even caught cheating during an examination. The other miscreants were punished but he was let off due to his fervent plea as well as his mother’s spotless record, with some enlightening advice from Sr. Philomena, his Welsh Principal, “Understand who you are and where you belong.” Pavan did understand but only much later. He was a versatile kid ─ good at studies, sports and extra-curricular activities. He won the student elections in school and became the House Captain. By organizing various events, managing and motivating his team, Pavan led his House to a resounding victory. This was his first tryst with leadership.

After graduating in Pharmacy (Hons) and adding an MBA from Simla, Pavan observed that the fast track was available only to the Graduates from the IIMs, Harvard, Wharton and some other well known institutes. The medium track was available to Graduates from some of the better-known Management Institutes and he was being offered the slowest track with lowest salaries. Again this was not acceptable to Pavan. He worked for a while with Jagsonpal but quickly changed tracks.

“I decided to bring a differential advantage to my candidature. I freelanced with Lintas and then joined Govan Advertising to add a differential advantage to my CV. The differential advantage on the CV really worked and I got my next break, which was a good break with Cadila. I joined Cadila as a Product Manager and quickly rose to become the Group Product Manager. I was among the key people who launched Zieta Pharmaceuticals and so on.”

Pavan learnt a lot about people management and human nature at Cadila and was soon invited to join Dabur. By this time he had decided to create further differentiation by writing a book on Pharma Marketing, The Rx Factor. His stint at Dabur provided him with a kaleidoscopic vision and he was promoted to senior levels but the real differential was created by his book. The press gave the book excellent reviews around the world and the Pharma industry as well as leading institutes picked up the copies of the book in large numbers. Thothatri Raman, Consulting Editor, Business India , says, “The Rx Factor, is undoubtedly a Classic.” No wonder then that it finds its place on the world renowned Kevin B. Kip Piper recommended reading list along with the world’s best books of this genre.

The book suddenly brought him in the lime-light. Invitations for workshops and training programmes began to pour in from the best institutes and several associations. Much to Pavan’s surprise, one day he got a call from Boyden, a multinational head-hunter. They were looking for a CEO for Vygon. Pavan was selected and became one of the youngest CEOs in his early thirties. “The initial few months had teething troubles. Thereafter, I have just felt blessed to be a part of Vygon, because this is a company where I feel that the value system and work ethic of the people, who are around, all over the world, is very similar to mine. Vygon is a highly respected name world wide for its dependable products, its dependable people and its dependable practices.”


Pavan, where to next…………
“Guneeta, Maujawa kare kya jaane hamko isaara 

Jaana kaha hai puchhe nadiyaa ki dhaara 

Marji hai tumhari le jaao jis oar 

Jiyara re jhume re aise re jaise banama naache mor”, Pavan Choudary.

Compiled by Guneeta Kaur

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