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Trust Yourself and Become Trust Worthy

February 3, 2013

Trust should be like a feeling of a child, when you throw him in the air, he laughs because he knows you will catch him.

If you have trust to really appreciate who you really are, then you will start to unlock the gifts ,talents and abilities you have locked away inside you..

End the resistance to you and just watch what happens, be calm. You do not have to strive to get somewhere any more. There is nowhere to go. Right now, in this moment everything is present, the Divine is always present so you do not have to do anything to experience the Truth.

Neither sky is going to fall nor this universe is going to die.Every night we go to bed, having no assurance to get alive in the next morning but still we have many plans for the coming day.
Since life involved is our Lord acceptance.

Life fail is His Grace giving us one more chance to succeed.

Never give up on any account.

Living in spirit makes our Will Power strong to Trust in divine actions.

The Divine laws always helps us to design the better architects of our life.

Hence rise, awake and with awareness,wisdom,intellect,put your smart hard work with right knowledge in right directions to achieve your goal.

Trust yourself, be an achiever and become Trust worthy to all around you.

This is your life to live with joy and glory.Agreed! Some people, some incidents and some evils are degrading our society.
But still on the whole, the world is beautiful to live in.

Feed your mind with kind,joy,compassion,love,light and peace as you feed your physical body with rich balance diets of carbohydrates,protein,fats,vitamins,minerals and trace elements .Live your life like a king of your own kingdom, like the elegant eagle enjoying the space. Be nice to all as you are living the last day of your life on this earth. Remember how the daily Sun starts its life with pleasant light, warmness and then heat at peak before going to the other side of the planet to connects us all at all the time.

Do not wait for anyone to come from the other life, sky or origin to make you happy, satisfied or lively living person. Do not expect the spoon feeding.

It is your life to live with joy and glory rather than being vegetating, existing or crawling like a worm on the surface of the earth. It is you and only you are your own Glowing Sun full of light, energy and heat to perform and achieve your goals.

Ask yourself everyday one question to reply ,What good you have done today ?

The honest, virtuous and simple innocent reply will be yourself Trust. You are not to prove any one as scientist, psychologist or technologist but prove yourself being a simple ,acceptable, adaptable person to all around you.

Have Full Trust in your Self and Become Trust worthy. Become yourself an example to all around you as Trust worthy.

By: Jawahar Gupta

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