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Twisha’s Fund Raising Night Gallery , Sydney

July 23, 2013

Fund raiser night for Twisha was organised by the Sydney community to raise the money needed to get Twisha to USA for a surgery that will help her live a normal life 
with a food pipe. Like any other normal child Twisha has not yet tasted food, let alone chocolates and lollies!!

Heart touching presentation on Twisha’s day to day life brought tears to many eyes. Twisha’s Single Mum has not left any stone unturned to help her daughter live a 
normal life but still has a long way to go before she could raise the requirement amount of money.

The Night was made entertaining with the dancing and singing performances. Raffle draws and Auctions were done. The Fashion Show by Sydney men was the 
highlight of the night.

Thank you Sydney for the support

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