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United Indian Associations Inc. (UIA) has won Community Association of the year 2014.

November 10, 2014

United Indian Associations Inc. (UIA) has won Community Association of the year 2014. This award is a fitting response to our community efforts over the past 20 years.

President John Kennedy after receiving the award said that "UIA dedicates this award to the past and present members of the association for their selfless services to the community".

President also said – "UIA has come across many hurdles, people have been working against this organisation but U, I and All of us have overcome this with our tireless community work. UIA will grow and grow to serve the vast Indian origin community".

Treasure Suraj Kapila after receiving the award said, "For UIA this is one of the finest moments. The award has given a boost to all members and volunteers to dedicate more of their time to serve our community".

Here are some of the comments from our public and the members of UIA about the award:

Mr. Rengarajan wrote "My hearty congratulations to you and your EC team for this wonderful achievement".

Mrs. Aruna Chandrala wrote "Dear John Kennedy and team, Hearty Congratulations! Well done!"

Dr. Rohitas wrote- "Big congrats to UIA team. We all need to celebrate".

Dr. Inderpal Singh wrote – "Congratulation to the whole UIA team and Indian community. Well done John".

Dr. Navin Patel wrote – "Congratulation, John. Yes we deserve this".

Mr. Vish Vishvanathan wrote – "Dear John/ EC/ Past Presidents/ Presidents of UIA Member organisations, Hearty congratulations for the wonderful recognition of UIA as the best community organisation in the IABCA awards last night. I attended the event and was delighted when it was announced. When we are all together every one is a winner".

Mr. Raj Natarajan wrote – "Congratulations John. Keep up the good work".

Mr. Logessan Pillay wrote – "A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the EC, GC, PRESIDENTS and members of all affiliated associations. An excellent outcome for a job well done. As far as celebration goes it is the President’s call".

Mr. Vijay Halagali wrote – "CONGRATULATIONS UIA!!! The recognition as long overdue.

Feel proud of being involved in UIA since inception in 1994".

Vice President Jaydutt wrote – "It is a result of ultimate hard work done by the UIA team with unity. It is also a hard work done by all the EC members, GC members, volunteers and people who work from outside to help the UIA. All the credit goes to the full team for the support, who put efforts to make the entire programme successful and come forward with fresh ideas for UIA. I would also like to acknowledge the support of all the associations to strengthen the UIA by working together. Hope for continuing support from all and congratulation again to the team".

Dr. Moninder wrote – Good luck john and UIA team

Mrs. Shalini wrote – Congratulations!!!!

Secretary Dave Passi wrote – "Congratulations to the Indian diaspora. You have proved that UIA is the Best Community Association of the year 2014. It has been judged by top level independent judging panel.

UIA’s 20th Anniversary is around the corner – 31 January 2015 – and we invite each and every one on that day in Bowmans Hall in Blacktown."

There were many other comments and overwhelming response for getting the award. UIA is accepting all this appreciation with open arm because the association itself deserves this award. UIA is very grateful to the community for supporting this organisation over 20 years.

UIA has been serving NSW-Australian communities generally and particularly those who migrated from India for the past 20 years.

The office bearers and the members are all volunteers. They dedicate their precious time to serve the community.

UIA is a community organisation and undertakes many small projects to support, women and youth and acts as an agency to be consulted by the Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW, (Now known as Multicultural NSW) and other Federal and State agencies.

UIA has undertaken many challenging tasks with the community in times of troubles and in times of need. UIA is a driving force in among the Indian origin community of Australia.

UIA as an association is currently undertaking following services for the community.

  • Women’s issue – In our community there are many young women undergo domestic violence. UIA has a women’s wing which helps these affected women. The women’s wing always listen to the women in distress, guide them to the proper channels and also refers them (international students) to the Indian Consulate for assistance. Many a time the women’s wing provides counselling service to the affected individuals.
  • Seniors Forum – UIA regularly holds forums for seniors to keep them informed of various services available to them at the local and state government levels. This is also an opportunity to bring them out of their home to participate and interact with each other and develop a support network.
  • Women’s Forum – UIA is holds a Women Forum during the month of March every year. A Forum is planned for in the month of March 2015 and the arrangements are in progress.
  • Youth Forum – Youth are the back bone of our nation and our communities. UIA is organises a youth forum to equip them with all that is available in this country. This is planned during the month of April 2015.
  • Cricket Matches – Our community love cricket and it is a great event to bring all people together and have a great get together and fun game of cricket. UIA has planned cricket match between UIA11 and WestPac11 and another match between UIA11 and Ministers11. The first match was held on 23rd of March 2014 and the second match is planned in the month of February 2015.

State and Federal Governments in the past 20 years have supported UIA’s effort of revitalising our multicultural communities.

UIA plays a significant role in keeping the community informed and motivated in building the economy of Australia. UIA supports the small businesses, supports multiculturalism, learning of mother-languages and creates awareness citizens’ rights and obligations among the communities.

Yours sincerely,
John Kennedy,
United Indian Associations Inc.