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Upcoming Short Films Mother Mafia & Ishq Forever

April 20, 2015

Mother Mafia

It’s story of Mafia family lead by a women(Don Mona) who has 2 son but from different father whom she has already killed for the THE CHAIR of the Mafia. Both of her sons aspire to become THE Don and sit on THE Chair which has alluded them for long but story twist and brings out surprise in the latter part of the movie. There is lot of action and drama which unfolds as story progresses.

Teaser is available: https://youtu.be/SAiSo1aKZzg
fb page: www.facebook.com/mothermafiafilm
fb page: www.facebook.com/jagacreations

Ishq Forever

It’s story of how the girls leaves the love of her life just to pursue green pasture abroad only to find out that the same guy would have touched new heights in the same country he is in after she left her. The drama plays on intermediately as she finds rich guy to settle with on contract marriage terms but as she get to see her old affair prosper in new place, she tries to get back to him.

Teaser: Coming soon

fb link: www.facebook.com/ishqforeverfilm
fb page: www.facebook.com/jagacreations

Both films have been submitted to various International Film Festivals like Melbourne International Film Festival(MIFF), Cannes Film Festival, Manhattan Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival. 

Tickets for the movies can be bought at following link.