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We are Divine created By The Divine Love, Light and Peace

December 12, 2012

“Those who brings the sunshine to others cannot keep it from themselves.

All performing arts,science,technology,wisdom,intellectual deals with evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one’s being from bodily health to self realization.

The union of body with consciousness and consciousness with soul cultivates the ways of maintaining the balanced attitudes.

This balanced attitudes in our day to day life endows skill in performing of one’s action.

Actions speak high of our thinking, creativeness and performance.

In me only lies the potential ingredients of existence. These potential seeds can only germinate under the atmospheric
pressure lying deep below in the soil of fertile mind.

Only thing required is to keep alert ,vigilant , caring nourishment, watering and preventing it from the external calamity/forces.

These protective lessons are learnt one by one when we gather momentum from inertia.

When we make our soil ready, the nature helps herself by shining, raining and providing us shades of night.

These are automatic benevolence of our Divine nature which compel us to make free from earthly attachment.

So Do not depend on others. Take your right step at right time for right results, So first love yourself ,Then You can love others.

Finally we find power of Transcendence from our underworld consciousness passing through the medium of earthly reality to

Super human being Consciousness.

So Let us become Like Sun to give light to all along with ourselves.

So we are destined to be Divine being part of the universal Divinity.

By: Jawahar Gupta