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Winter Blues – an article by Sonu Sodhi of Sonu Sodhi Make Up & Hair Design

July 6, 2014

Following my daily routine of leaving for work every week day morning makes me realise, I am covering up and protecting myself against the cold weather but my face, hands and hair….how are they coping under extremely cold conditions. Where excess heat has its implications, we need to be protecting ourselves against the cold too.

I often get asked how do you look after your skin. I have my own daily routine in looking after my skin, routines that we need to have in every sphere of our lives. This particular routine that I follow may take 5-10 minutes at the end of the day, before going to bed but worth it.

We come across new products but as a consumer we get what we see the need of. When it comes to products for a beauty/skincare routine, we get what is needed or sometimes splurge on things that make a difference. Blur creams – one would think there have been BB creams, CC creams and what more could be introduced in the make up marketing. Well there are Blur Creams available too. What can I tell you about them? These are the latest thing that I have heard of. Is there a need? Is it the product to get? it is for you to decide.

While browsing through the Body Shop store, I came across Insta-blur All in one 5 Action Perfector. Details on the tube indicate its a skin perfector, basically perfects your skin. Blemishes, spots, imperfections anyone? I have you interested isn’t it? You could wear this product on it’s own for a natural look, it control’s shine (oily, combination skin…) and makes your pores look smaller (now someone with mature skin would be interested to read further too).

Used under a foundation it can help out even out your skin too. Yes primers/foundation combination works, but a combination of blur cream can also work with your foundation. Using it under your foundation it can help out to even out the skin tone. So yes girls..this products also acts as a primer helping your make up stay put all day. This is one product that is reasonably priced and will not create a hole in your pocket.

My next purchase….but for now I am using the MAC Prep&Prime Beauty Balm with SPF 30. This product protects the skin against the winter sun, covers blemishes in my case and also helps in getting the no make up look. My personal tip to apply this product – Use your fingers girls! Yes. Tried applying it with brush and a sponge that was in the compact, but fingers help warming up the product and it melts into the skin. Apply a face powder if you want but just stopping here can be it or move to applying a blush.

If anyone has used the Blur Creams or BB creams, and would like to share your experience, please leave feedback.

Winter and the effects it can have on the lips. Cracked lips anyone? Paw Paw cream is one product that I swear by, yes you can find it in my kit. Some of us may use heavy duty lip balms but still not see the desired results and continue to have chapped lips in winter. If these are still a worry, try exfoliating your lips. This step is a must if bright coloured lippies are your style this season. Another product that is affordable and gets the results that balms cannot is Mecca Cosmetics lip exfoliant. Slather this on your lips at night before going to bed and in a couple of days….viola. Your lips would be smooth and softer too.

If you have liked this article and have questions/feedback, please leave your comment.

You may follow me via my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/sonusodhimakeup or alternatively contact me on 0416 103 160 / email info@sonusodhi.com.au

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