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YUVA: It’s not about finding time, it’s about making time.

August 15, 2014


Physical exercise and selected games were designed to encourage learning through fun.

SEVA (Service)

Discussing the concept of ‘giving is getting’ was one of the main aspects highlighted as necessary in an individual.


An endless amount of Wisdom can be learnt from each other. Identifying and exchanging strengths through friendship is key for survival in today’s world.

Developing a group of individuals who want to reach above and beyond their potential.

YUVA, a dynamic unit of the HSS (Hindu SwayamsevakSangh Australia Inc) youth program identified the need for a platform, where university students come together to help each other to become role models for their communities.

This was the second YUVA Annual Camp held during 18th-20th July 2014, wherein 31 students from over 9 universities spread out across 4 cities in two countries participated. These cities included Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland. During all the activities the participants shared a common outlook however their individual point of views added value to their ability to overcome challenges.

The content of the 3-day camp was based on 3 pillars. These included SEVA, Mentoring and Learning through Physical activities & games. The three pillars covered all essential aspects required in the characteristics of a university student. They also gave the students a perspective of the ‘real world’, which we all know is a different maze for each individual. Each activity was focused on pushing the limits of physical and intellectual boundaries that the students believed they possessed. As the saying goes “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone” and comfort is definitely something today’s average youth is too accustomed with. Youth today do not have to go through the struggles our parents and grandparents went through.

Physical and Intellectual Workshops – The camp program had a healthy balance of intellectual and physical activities challenging the YUVA members.

The bulk focus of the intellectual activities covered the need for character building and the active transition from thought to selfless action. Activities also identified the necessity to surround themselves with like-minded people and maintain the momentum by coming together on a regular basis- post camp.

SEVA or Service is a universal concept that encourages the idea of giving more than what we take. This was well received by all the students who identified the mindset to serve without any expectations, as something that needs to be included in their everyday lives.

Learning through Physical activities is the perfect way to condition a mind to turn behavior into beliefs. These activities enhancedteam-building and public speaking skills thus pushing the students to actively overcome their fears. The participants were also introduced to traditional Indian sports like Kabaddi and Kho Kho.

Mentoring is an important aspect of life that is easily overlooked. We encouraged the students to think of mentoring as a tool to strengthen their current and future relationships. This enhances the sense of responsibility and accountability towards the Gen next.

The everyday schedule began at 6am and finished at around 11.30pm. Prayer, Yoga, Team games, Discussion, Workshops, Lectures, Gharba and Quiz formed part of the camp activities planned.

The camp concluded with the participants deciding about the future programs and the need to meet consistently to sustain the momentum developed.

Participants were served with different varieties of tasty vegetarian food.

All members were presented with a copy of the Bhagavad Geeta for their future reference.

Overall this was a unique camp that challenged participants to step out of their comfort zones, work with the team, and enhance discipline without sacrificing the fun-aspect at every given opportunity.