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Sally Morgan, Britain’s dearly loved psychic

April 17, 2013

Under the microscope in 2005 Sally Morgan was tested for her work as a psychic by Professor Gary Schwartz, a Harvard University Ph.D. graduate, who after conducting rigorous experiments rated Sally as one of the top five psychics in the world.

Here is Sally, speaking her heart out with you

Sally Morgan

Guneeta Kaur, “Sally I’m sure that our readers would like to know, when did you first realise that you have the gift?

Sally Morgan, “My mother told me that I had an experience aged 9 months, which I obviously don’t fully remember. The first time I realised for myself that there was something different, when I was around four years old. I was in the playground with my friends and I said to the teacher “why is my friend allowed to have her granddad with them and I can’t”. The teacher looked at me and said her granddad wasn’t with her and I remember getting in trouble for it.

Guneeta Kaur, Do tells us about the journey of acceptance/accepting the self~>being a Medium

Sally Morgan, “Firstly given the nature of my work, it would be almost impossible to be accepted by everyone in society however it is my opinion that the most important thing is to accept yourself. For me it has always been a part of who I am as I have had the gift from when I was a little girl.

As the years went by I was able to understand that connecting with spirit was a daily occurrence for me. Even if I stopped touring theatres or giving one-to-one readings I will still be a medium; it is within me and it is who I am.

The most difficult part of my journey I suppose was learning to control the ability. Through my experience I am able to turn my ability on and off – just like switching on a light you could say”.

Guneeta Kaur, “Have you had any specific life changing experience due to what you ‘do’, Sally ?”

Sally Morgan, “That has to be when I got my first TV series (Star Psychic) in the UK. It was this that threw me into the public spotlight and in turn has led me to having an incredible worldwide theatre tour. I had been a medium for over 40 years giving one to one readings from home. For me my gift has always been about offering people advice and bringing comfort when they need it most.

Now that I am touring, I am able to reach so many people that I never would have been able to see when I was doing it from my sofa at home. My hope with the tour is that people simply come along with an open mind and allow themselves to experience the wonderful world of spirit and see how it works in it’s rawest form.

After seeing a live show like mine, I hope that people leave feeling enlightened and inspired to explore the after life even more”.

Sally Morgan

Guneeta Kaur, “Sally, do share with us the process of ‘Mediumship’ & becoming a Medium”.

Sally Morgan, “I used it as a bit of a party piece when I was younger which I wouldn’t recommend people do now. It was part of my journey and also a part of growing up really. People would be so impressed with what I said, that eventually they would want to book a private reading with me!

As time went on I had so many requests that I had to give up my day job of being a dental nurse and I decided to start working as a medium from home. It was not until I was in my 50’s that my success as a medium became more global however I am a big believer that it is this that has helped me.

I have experienced so much over the years and dealt with so many different people. This life experience has bought me wisdom that allows me to empathise and relate to the people I meet on a daily basis”.

Guneeta Kaur, “Is there anything special that you’d like to share with the readers, Sally?”

Sally Morgan, “I am always asked by people whether or not they will receive a sign from their loved ones in spirit and I truly believe that they will. Our loved ones are constantly leaving us signs to show that they are around us but we have to be in tune with ourselves in order to notice them. Signs come in many forms such as…

  • A smell that reminds you of your loved one such as a perfume scent or tobacco.
  • A white feather or robin that appears when you are thinking of a loved one.
  • A presence when you walk into an empty room.
  • A visit from your loved one in your dreams.
  • Lights or electrical equipment turning on and off.

When you experience a sign from spirit, it is their way of telling you that they are with you still when you need them. It also means that they are in what I call heaven which I believe to be a place where there is no judgement, just love, peace and rest”.

Guneeta Kaur, “Sally, where to from here?”

Sally Morgan, “Well this is my first taste of touring overseas and I think I’m going to love it! It has been a dream of mine to bring the tour to Australia, especially because I got so much love and support from here when my TV show Psychic Sally On The Road first aired.

I am also writing my fourth book, which will focus on the challenging questions I get asked about the spirit world. I absolutely love writing; it has always been a huge passion of mine. When I see people reading my books I feel genuinely proud.

If at least one person reads my book and finds comfort then I am a happy lady! I hope that this new book will assist people when coping with the loss of a loved one”.

A passionate speaker, Sally now also channels her experience and wisdom into seminars where she shares her incredible stories and knowledge. Since her launch into the public spotlight with her TV series Star Psychic in 2007, Sally has tasted success with several TV documentaries.

In recent years Sally has been a star of her Sky LIVING series Psychic Sally on the Road, which provided a unique insight into Sally’s bizarre world including her grueling tour schedule and life at home with the Morgan’s.

As well as being a TV star, Sally has been performing numerous national and international many theatre tours for Mediumship and has three best sellers under her belt~ her biography My Psychic Life, Healing Spirits and Life After

Dear Readers, now that you’ve had a read of Sally Morgan’s journey as a Psychic, wonder if you’d like to be the one to win Sally’s autobiography ‘My Psychic Life’?

If the answer to that is ‘Yes’ then do share with us your thoughts (in 25 words in the comment box below) on what challenge have you overcome in your life in a positive manner and thereafter used it to the benefit of others and self.
Wish to watch Sally Morgan in action! Here is a link for you with all the details to Sally’s July 2013 Australian tour:

View Sally Morgan in action:

Sally Morgan & her psychic services are investigational & for the purpose of entertainment.

Guneeta Kaur is a Spiritual Medium

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